A patient tells the nurse that the “volmers” from outer spac

A patient tells the nurse that the “volmers” from outer space are… A patient tells the nurse that the “volmers” from outer space are after him and want to torture and kill him. The patient has not previously verbalized this information. The principle on which the nurse should base immediate nursing interventions is? Which early warning signs should be mentioned by the nurse who teaches patients with schizophrenia and their families about relapse? Name 3.  Which topics should be included by the nurse preparing psychoeducational groups for patients with MDD and their families? Name 3. During the mental status examination, the patient tells the nurse, “I am God’s special messenger sent to show the world the cure for cancer.” The nurse should assess the patient’s statement as indicating the presence of:  During the mental status examination, the nurse notes that the patient has very rapid-fire speech. She thinks, “It is almost as though the words are exploding from the patient’s mouth.” The nurse should document this finding as:  A mother tells the nurse, “When I asked the doctor why one of my sons had a psychiatric disorder and the other was healthy, he mentioned resilience. What was he talking about?” The best response for the nurse would be, “With regard to childhood psychiatric disorders, resilience refers to: Which assessment findings should be considered a high-risk factor for adolescent suicide? A 17-year-old boy remarks to you that he feels too fat and is afraid that he will not be able to “make weight” for the wrestling team. You do not observe that the patient is overweight. How do you begin to assess whether the patient is suffering from an eating disorder? What assessment data are crucial for the nurse to obtain before ending the interview? What nursing interventions would be helpful for this boy?  While interviewing a patient who restricts food and is 25% underweight, the nurse learns from the patient that she does not view her underweight status as problematic. The nurse should assess this coping mechanism as: When a patient who is 2 hours post-ECT tells the nurse that she has a headache, the nurse should: An anorexia patient has an order for total parenteral nutrition (TPN) solution 1,000mL in 24 hours. At what rate in the mL/h for the pump be set?    Health Science Science Nursing MENTAL HEA 40

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