A. Explore factors influencing urinary and fecal elimination

A. Explore factors influencing urinary and fecal elimination. a…. A. Explore factors influencing urinary and fecal elimination.a. Compare and contrast the different types of urinary incontinence.1. Urge2. Mixed3. Overflow4. Stress5. Functionalb. Explore the different types of altered urinary elimination.c. Identify components of a urinary assessment.d. Identify characteristics of normal and abnormal urine.e. Describe the types of altered urine production.1. Polyuria2. Anuria3. Oliguriaf. Describe measures to prevent urinary tract infection.B. Explore factors influencing fecal elimination.a. Describe fecal elimination problems.1. Constipation2. Fecal impaction3. Diarrhea4. Bowel incontinence5. Flatulenceb. Explore components of fecal assessment.c. Describe promotion of regular defecationC. Elimination Devicesa. Compare and contrast techniques used to assist patients with elimination devices.1. Bedpan2. UrinalD. Elimination Dataa. Describe subjective and objective data as it relates to elimination.1. Subjective Data2. Objective Dataa. Urine (color, amount, odor, sediment, dysuria, discharge, blood)b. Stool (amount, consistency-soft, formed, hard, liquid, amount, odor, blood)c. Skin condition (presence of intact or broken skin integrity).E. Examine documentation related to urinary and fecal eliminationF. Recognize surgical asepsis and identify situations where surgical technique may be required.G. Define the use/purpose of the sterile field.a. Identify “rules” in the maintenance of a sterile field.b. Apply concepts of sterility to maintenance of the sterile field.c. Describe performance of adding items to the sterile field.d. Identify situations where surgical aseptic technique may be used.e. Explore the importance of STERILE CONSCIENCE and individual responsibility.H. Sterile Glovinga. Review the nursing process to sterile gloving:i. Describe the processii. Demonstrate the processb. Provide the rationale for each step in the process.  c. Demonstrate critical thinking when performing the skill.d. Identify considerations in the use of sterile gloving.i. Latex allergy.ii. Levels of latex allergy.I. Identify the purpose and reason (s) for placement of a urinary catheter.J. Explore potential hazards associated with the placement of a urinary catheter.K. Identify the different types of catheters.A. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of the different types of catheters.a. Indwellingb. Straightc. Retention catheterd. Three (3)-Way catheter.e. SuprapubicL. Insertion of a urinary catheter.a. Apply clinical reasoning and the nursing process to the insertion of an indwelling urinary catheter.b. Discuss the rationale for each step in the process for:i. Urinary catheterization: Indwelling Catheter and Straight (Female)ii. Urinary catheterization: Indwelling Catheter and Straight (Male).iii. Apply evidence-based practice findings when performing catheterization.c. Identify and discuss patient education topics after insertion of an indwelling catheter.d. Discuss potential complications of an indwelling catheter.e. Identify and discuss nursing interventions in the care of the patient with a urinary catheter.f. Discuss application of a condom-type catheter.g. Identify the use and purpose of a suprapubic catheter and nursing implications.M. Apply clinical reasoning to the discontinuation of an indwelling catheter.1. Discuss patient education after discontinuation of an indwelling catheterN. Define residual urine.a. Identify causes of increased residual urine.b. Discuss the procedure for assessing residual urine.c. Discuss the use of the bladder scan and associated parameters for use.d. Identify potential complications of residual urine.O. Describe the process for urine specimen collection.a. Clean-catch urine (midstream)b. Catheter collection bagc. 24-hour urine collection.Health Science Science Nursing VNSG VNSG 1423

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