A case Study Before Conception Nancy Ng is a third-generatio

A case Study Before Conception Nancy Ng is a third-generation… A case StudyBefore ConceptionNancy Ng is a third-generation American. If you ask her where her people are from, she’ll tell you “Poughkeepsie.” She and her wife, Missy, have a 1-year-old son, Teddy, who was conceived by artificial insemination and carried and delivered by Missy. Now, they would like for Nancy to be inseminated and to have their second child.Nancy and Missy met at a party their junior year of college and started dating. They broke up once a few months later but soon got together again. Then, after graduation, they parted ways again. Missy moved to the city to start a production job for a multilingual online news organization, whereas Nancy stayed on at the college as an admissions counselor for a while. But Nancy couldn’t stand being apart from Missy, and she bought a ticket on a cheap bus to the city.”It always comes back around to you,” said Nancy when Missy opened the door of her walk-up apartment. “Every conversation I have with a student about my time in college ends up being about you.”  Think Critically1.Using the resources you can find at www.diabetes.org, plan a day of eating for Nancy. Make sure to reference her particular dietary requirements (Box 9.1).2.How do insulin needs change for women throughout pregnancy?3.Consider the two screening protocols for the diagnosis of gestational diabetes, the 1-hour followed by 3-hour test and the 2-hour test. What do you see as the benefits and drawbacks of each method?4.You suspect an infant in your care has cephalhematoma. Write a brief description of how you would explain to a patient the difference between this, a subgaleal hemorrhage, and caput succedaneum.5.Your patient is suffering from urinary retention postpartum. How would you prioritize your intervention attempts?6.Nancy and Missy would like more information about why baby Jonathan is more predisposed to jaundice than another baby might be. How would you explain it to them?7.In your own words, explain why infants born to mothers with gestational diabetes have a higher risk for hypoglycemia after birth. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NURS3339

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