A) A nurse is reinforcing nonpharmacological pain interventi

A) A nurse is reinforcing nonpharmacological pain interventions…. A) A nurse is reinforcing nonpharmacological pain interventions. One of them is modified paced breathing. A problem that can occur with breathing techniques is hyperventilation. What are clinical manifestations of hyperventilation and how is hyperventilation treated?B) What would the nurse reinforce in teaching a nutrition class for pregnant clients who are taking iron supplements?C) A nurse is reinforcing teaching to a group of pregnant women regarding common discomforts of pregnancy. A woman raises her hand and states ever since she started her iron supplementD) A nurse is reinforcing teaching with a pregnant client who is diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia and has been prescribed iron supplements. List a statement if made by the client would indicate an understanding of the teaching.  E) A nurse collects data on a post-delivery client and observes a perineal laceration. What are three (3)  interventions that should be implemented? F) What are three (3) teaching points regarding post-circumcision care should a nurse reinforce with parents? G) A nurse is reinforcing discharge teaching to a new parent regarding cord care. What information should be provided?H) The nurse is collecting data on a 10-week gestation client experiencing vomiting. What data would the nurse collect that are risks for developing hyperemesis gravidarum? I) The nurse is caring for a primigravida client in labor. The nurse notes the following findings:Cervix is 5 cm, with contractions every 4 minutes lasting 60 seconds each.The client appears restless and uncomfortable. Which stage of labor is the client in? J) A nurse is caring for a 32-week gestation infant in the delivery room. What are three (3) respiratory indications of difficulty transitioning to extrauterine life?  K) A nurse is collecting data on a client during the first prenatal visit.  What three (3) manifestations would indicate that the client may have gonorrhea?   L) A nurse is caring for a client who is 24-hours postpartum. What are three (3) reportable findings to the provider?  M) A vaginal/cervical culture is done on a pregnant client at 36 weeks of gestation. What is the purpose of this culture? N) A nurse is caring for a newborn with hyperbilirubinemia who has been prescribed phototherapy. Identify three (3) interventions the nurse should institute for this client?O) A postpartum client asks the nurse why her baby needs a newborn screen. What teaching should the nurse reinforce regarding why this test is necessary? Health Science Science Nursing

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