A 70 year old female patient presents to your care with the.

A 70 year old female patient presents to your care with the… A 70 year old female patient presents to your care with the followingComplaints of a mechanical fall approximately 2 hours prior to arrival.Noted pain to left hip and lower extremityThe patient has a medical history of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and osteoporosis. Her surgical history is that of a hysterectomy 10 years ago. Patient denies psychosocial history. Patient admits to smoking in the past and is currently a social drinker. Patients medications are the following – Amlodipine 10mg PO daily, Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg PO daily, Pravastatin 40mg PO daily, and OsCal 400mg PO daily. The nurse assess this patient and finds:Noticeable shortening of the left vs. right lower extremity.Noted edema to the left quadricep with ecchymosispalpable +2 pulses to the bilateral pedal pulsesSensation intact to bilateral lower extremitiesnoted pain with movementSignificantly decreased ROM to left lower extremitySkin is warm to touch, not indicative of fever.The physician orders the following: Labs: CBC, complete metabolic panel, PTT, PT/INRDiagnostic Imaging: chest XR, left hip XR, left knee XR, left ankle and foot XRECGMeds: Morphine 2mg IV, Zofran 4mg IV, NS 0.9% @ 100ml/hr, Results:XR shows left hip fractureCBC shows the following -hemoglobin 10.0hematocrit 32%platelets 400,WBC 12Metabolic Panel shows Na 130K 3.3Mg 1.5Ca 7.2The physician recommends that the patient be admitted to the hospital for surgical repair of left hip fracture, physical therapy consult, and rehab facility placement. 1. Based on the assessment of the nurse and the results of the tests the physician ordered what do you think are the top 5 issues we need to focus on in this patient’s care?2. Are there any drug to drug interactions with the medications the patient is taking at home and the medications the doctor ordered? If so, what are they?3. What do you think led this patient to fall?4. Based on the patient’s blood work, is there anything that we have to fix? If so, what are the priorities in the lab work and what interventions would you anticipate being ordered?5. Since the MDs recommendation is for surgery, list 5 other pre-operative things we need to accomplish and state your rationale.Health Science Science Nursing NUR 105

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