21. What is HgB A1C Test, what time frame does the test indi

21. What is HgB A1C Test, what time frame does the test indicate?… 21. What is HgB A1C Test, what time frame does the test indicate?22. What are potential complications of Type I DM? ****23. What is a potential complication of Type II DM?******24. What are s/s of hypothyroidism? *****25. What does a positive Chovstek’s sign indicate? What do you expect is low in a client who had a thyroidectomy several years ago.26. What do you expect a malignant melanoma to present like?27. What is the most common cause of epidural hematoma? *****28. If a patient has bleeding in the brain, what type of stroke is the pt experiencing? ****29. What are risk factors for HTN? ****30. List modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for MI.*****31. What is the reason behind hearing a bruit when assessing the carotid artery? *****32. What is normal CO? *****33. What is the most frequent cause of R sided Heart Failure?34. What are clinical manifestations of L sided Heart Failure? ******35. What condition can develop from a DVT? *****36. What blood test is an indication of cardiac damage? *****37. Define oliguria.38. What is the most common organism causing bladder cystitis or pyelonephritis?******39. Pt has pursed lip breathing & barrel chest…what do you suspect? *****40. What is the drive to breathe for a client with COPD emergency? *****41. Define respiratory failure.42. Describe atelectasis? What causes it? What are complications?43. Describe when you might hear rhonchi, wheezes, stridor?44. What is a pneumothorax? What sounds might you auscultate? *****45. Differentiate ISF, ICF, ECF46. What condition causes stasis of blow flow?47. List diseases which spread via Contact, Droplet, Airborne48. Differentiate causes of anemia (pernicious, sickle cell, iron deficiency) ****Diagnostic test used to diagnose anemia i.e. CBC, fecal occult blood test etc.49. differentiate leukopenia vs. leukocytosis50. Which cells are affected in AIDS?51. Which type of cancer is caused by HPV?52. ABG- metabolic alkalosis – what do you expect? What might be examples? ****53. Electrolyte Imbalances- K54. List various examples of when pts may be in respiratory acidosis?55. Electrolyte imbalances- Na causes diuretic56. Describe stage I-IV of cancer.57. Give examples of metabolic acidosis? *****Calculate arterial blood gasses58. S/S TB pts? ****59. What blood type is universal donor?Health Science Science Nursing

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