20 A mother calls the office about her infant that is 5…2

20 A mother calls the office about her infant that is 5…20A mother calls the office about her infant that is 5 days old concerned that the umbilical cord has not fully fallen off . Which is an appropriate response for the nurse?a . Ask her to come in for an assessment , since it should have fallen off by day 2 of lifeb . State that it is a normal finding, and that it can take up to 2 weeks for it to fall off .c. Ask her to schedule an appointment to have it surgically removed.d . Inform the patient that her infant will need an antibiotic prescription to prevent infection 25What is the correct description of acrocyanosis in the neonate?a . When the newborn’s umbilical cord does not have the correct amount of blood vessels.b. A blueish discoloration on the newborn’s hands and/ or feetc. thin hair covering the neonate’s body.d. A brown discoloration around the neonate’s neck 27After viewing a fetal heart rate tracing, the nurse notes fetal tachycardia.What would be the nurses first action?a . Perform an amniocentesisb. Administer oxygen to the patient via rebreather.c. Call the provider .d. Check the maternal temperature 28A patient reports to the labor and delivery unit who is 34 weeks pregnant complaining of large amounts of bright red vaginal bleeding that is not painful. What complication does the nurse suspect?a. Uterine ruptureb. Placenta previac. Placenta abruption d. Chorioamniotites 29A patient is pregnant with her second child. She is 37 weeks gestation and comes to the clinic because she began to feel contractions. The patient states: ” I am so scared to deliver my baby premature. I have heard that babies born premature do not make it very often.” Which is the best response from the nurse?a. Since you are 37 weeks, you are not premature, so your baby is not at an increased riskb.Most babies actually do very well when they are premature, especially at 37 weeks like you are.C. We will give you a shot that helps with your babies’ lung development to help their transition with breathing.d.I will notify the neonatologist to come and speak with you to go over outcomes for premature births. 31A pregnant patient who tested positive for syphilis is concerned about health affects her baby may face during the post-partum period . Which of the following is accurate?a. The patient will have a decreased risk of preeclampsia.b. The patient’s infant will have an increased with for hypoglycemiac. The patient’s infant has an increased risk for passing meconium.d. The patients’ infant is at increased risk of neonatal blindness. 32Which patient requires immediate intervention?a. A patient with a fetal heart rate tracing that shows a prolonged deceleration.b. A patient with a Category 1 fetal heart rate tracing.c. A patient rating her pain at a 7/10 requesting an epidural.d. A patient with a fetal heart rate tracing that is showing multiple accelerations. 33The nurse is taking care of a patient who had gestational diabetes that delivered their baby 20 minutes ago. What is the most important nursing consideration at this time?a. Monitor the infant for signs of hypoglycemia.b. Assess the infants hearing as soon as possible because of the infants increased risk of deafness. c. Monitor the infant for signs of neonatal conjunctivitis.d. Monitor for IUGR (intra uterine growth restriction) 34The nurse is caring for a patient who went into preterm labor at 33 weeks gestation and is 1 cm dilated. Management for this patient’s care include all the following EXCEPTa. Administering corticosteroids to help with lung maturity for the fetus.b. Administer maternal magnesium sulfate to reduce microcapillary brain hemorrhage in the neonate.c. Use tocolytic medications to suppress uterine contractions.d. Administer Cytotec (misoprostol)immediately to help facilitate hardening of the cervix. 42What occurs in most women beginning a few days after childbirth and can relate to changes in estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin levels?uterine atonypostpartum bluesendometritislactation 43The nurse notes recurrent variable decelerations of the fetal heart rate tracing. Which actionshould the nurse take?a. Assure the patient that it is almost time to start pushing.b. Increase the patient oxytocinc. Assist the patient in changing positions and consider an amnioinfusion.d. Document findings and continue to monitor the patient. 44While the nurse is assisting with an admission history for a client at 39 weeks of gestation, the client tells the nurse that water been leaking from her vagina for 2 days. The nurse should know that this is at risk for which of the following.a. Cord prolapsesb. Infectionc. Hydramnios d. Dystocia 47When considering post-partum hemorrhage, all of the following are concerning in the immediate post-partum period EXCEPT :a. A decrease in red blood cellsb. Maternal hypotension .c. The patient having a firm fundusd. Maternal tachycardia. 48In the care of a patient experiencing postpartum hemorrhage, the nurse notes that an important action to take is:a. Avoid the use of a bakri balloonb. Avoid performing a fundal massage.c. Administering oxytocind. Turn of patient infusion of IV fluidHealth Science Science Nursing NSG 320

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