2 1. Values, health perception: How do you define health? In

2 1. Values, health perception: How do you define health? In your… 2   1. Values, health perception: How do you define health? In your definition of health, is your family healthy? What steps or measures do you take to keep your family healthy?Health is to be free of disease. Feeling good and being able to function well without limitation.Yes.Annual check-up, keep up to date with vaccination.2. Nutrition: What is nutrition for you? Do you read food labels for their nutrition value? What comprises your daily meals?Provide energy for my body, a way of providing my body what it needs to stay healthyYes. I read food labelsVegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, Fruits  3. Sleep/Rest: How many hours do you sleep at night? Do you feel relieved after your sleep? Do you have sleeping problems such as snoring, interrupted sleep, or frequent awakenings?8 hoursSometimesNo4. Elimination: How often do you empty your bowels? How has your bowel movement changed over time? How has your stool changed its characteristics over time?Once every day.No changeNo change5. Activity/Exercise: Do you make time for physical activities? How much exercise do you get in a week? What are the types of exercise that do you do? Yes.Once /weekJump rope, walking6. Cognitive: Who is involved in the family’s decision-making? How are decisions made? Are there instances that you feel mentally bothered?MeBy priorityYes7. Sensory-Perception: How is your eyesight? Describe any changes in vision, taste, or depth perception?Good eyes sight: 20/20 vision, taste: good, depth perception: good.NoneNo changes8. Self-Perception: How do you feel about the future? What do you think of yourself? How do you think others think of or see you? Do you feel hopeful about the future? What do you think of yourself?The best is yet to come, the expectation of a better futurePowerful, Strong, and blessedStrong, God-fearing woman, principleYes, of course.Powerful, strong, God-fearing woman, blessed9. Role Relationship: How is your marital relationship? How do you settle arguments? Who has the last say in your relationship?Ok.Considering what benefit the kidsWe come to an agreement.10. Sexuality: How often do you have sex? Do you still get satisfied after or how has time and age affected your sexual activity? Is there any sexual dysfunction?It varies. There is no set day of the week. Maybe none, once or twice per week.  11. Coping: Have you been stressed lately? Has there been any recent life-changing event? How do you deal with stress? What methods do you use to deal with stress? Yes.Yes.Go back to more intimacy with God. Spend more time with God. Considering this interview and the answers to the naires, describe the family structure and summarize the overall health behaviors of the family. And also based on the findings describe at least two of the functional health pattern strengths noted in the findings. Describe tree areas in which health problems or barriers to health were identified.thanksHealth Science Science Nursing VN 429

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