1)The physician orders amiodarone IV drip at 0.5 mg/min for.

1)The physician orders amiodarone IV drip at 0.5 mg/min for… 1)The physician orders amiodarone IV drip at 0.5 mg/min for ventricular dysrhythmias. The medication is supplied in 900 mg/500 mL of D5W. Calculate the flow rate in milliliters per hour.2) The physician orders a lidocaine IV drip to infuse at 3 mg/min for premature ventricular contractions. The medication is supplied in 1 g/250 mL of D5W. Calculate the flow rate in milliliters per hour.3)  The physician orders heparin 3500 units subcutaneous daily postoperatively. The medication is supplied in 5000 units/mL. How many milliliters will the nurse administer?4) The physician orders Methergine 0.3 mg po twice a day for postpartum bleeding. The medication is supplied in 0.2-mg tablets. How many tablets will the nurse administer?5) The patient has methylphenidate 10 mg oral twice a day at 0800 and 1300 ordered for a decreased level of consciousness. The medication is supplied as methylphenidate 5 mg per tablet. How many tablets of methylphenidate would the patient receive with each dose? 6)Image transcription textTO OPEN – TEAR AT NOTCH 100 mL NDC 0409-4688-23FLUCONAZOLE 200 mg INJECTION (2 mg/mL) ISO-OSMOTICSODIUM CHLORIDE DILUENT 1013 0 030409… Show more The physician orders fluconazole 200 mg twice a day. The fluconazole is dissolved in 100 mL of NS and is to be infused over 60 minutes. Using an IV controller, how many milliliters per hour should the fluconazole be infused?7) Order: Begin a heparin drip per the facility’s protocol. The patient’s weight is 84 kg.Heparin ProtocolBolus: Heparin 70 units/kgInfusion: Heparin 17 units/kg/h using a concentration of heparin 25,000 units in 250 mL of NS (100 units/mL)8) The physician orders Keflex 250 mg po for strep throat. After reconstitution, the medication is available as 125 mg/5 mL. How many milliliters will the nurse administer?9) Prescribed is lamivudine 300 mg twice a day for  a patient weighing 75 lbs.  The safe recommended dose of this drug is 10 mg/kg.What is the safe dose for this child?Is the prescribed dose safe?10) A medication is on hand in syrup (2 mg per mL).  The prescribed does is 3 teaspoons.How many mL will the nurse give?What would that be equal to in mg?    Health Science Science Nursing NURS 110

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