16. An adolescent client diagnosed with conduct disorder has

16. An adolescent client diagnosed with conduct disorder has the… 16. An adolescent client diagnosed with conduct disorder has the nursing diagnosis of ineffective coping R/T parental neglect “I broke my brother’s arm and he deserves it.” Which short-term outcome is appropriate for this client’s diagnosis?The client will verbalize understanding of unit rules and consequences for violation of rules by the end of the shift.The client will be able to delay immediate gratification after discharge from the hospital and cooperate with parentsThe client will verbalize personal responsibility for difficulties experienced with his brother within the weekThe client will have insight into his aggressive behavior and establish meaningful relationship with his brother 18. A client diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder was observed cursing and destroying property during a basketball play on TV. Which of the following interventions would address the behavior appropriately? (Select all that apply)Encourage the discussion of angry feelings.Set clear limits on unacceptable behaviors and set expectationsObtain an order for tangulizing medicationsProvide short and dear instructions.Engage in rationalization and bargaining statementsPlace patient in seclusion to decrease stimuli 26. A client suspected of having conversion disorder developed paralysis on both legs before his family meeting. Which nursing intervention is a priority when working with clients suspected of having conversion disorder?Assess for situations in which secondary gains may occur.Teach the client alternative coping skills to use during times of stress.Confront the client with the fact that stress and anxiety can lead to paralysis.Monitor assessments, lab reports and vital signs to rule out organic pathology.27. The nurse identifies that the patient is experiencing depersonalization. The nurse would expect the patient to say the following statement when experiencing depersonalization? (select all that apply)This room seems so much bigger than it used to.”This feels like a dream-like state”I think everyone is me.”I feel like I am floating above the earth.” ??These legs look like they are attached to me but they are not my legs” 38. The nurse admitted a client with alcohol abuse at 1300 who is diaphoretic and tremulous. Health care provider ordered Lorazepam 2mg PO and then Lorazepam 2 mg PO Q8 hours as needed for CIWA score of > 15. Patient is also to receive Chlordiazepide 50 mg PO Q. Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment (CIWA) to be completed every 4 hours. The client scored a 32 at 2100 on the CIwa scale and +2 on the BASS Which medication(s) would the nurse administer?Administer Lorazepam 2 mg PO and Chlordiazepoxide 50 mg PO.Administer Lorazepam 2 mg PO only and hold Chlordiazepoxide.Do not give any medications at this time and continue with CWA and RASS.Administer Chlordiazepoxide 50 mg PO and hold Lorazepam.52. The health care provider orders Lamotrigine titration of 25 mg every two weeks. The initial dose is 25 mg PO QHS which is to be titrated in increments of 25 mg every two weeks with the optimum dose of 100 mg daily. On which week will the client reach the desired dose of 100 mg the week? 58.An adult client diagnosed with insomnia asks the nurse about the side effects of over-the-counter medications that contain diphenhydramine Select all side effects that are correct for the nurse to list. Select all that apply. DiarrheaUrinary retentionLacrimationBlurred visionDry mouthRhinorrhea  60.A client presents in the emergency department with constricted pupils, slurred speech, drowsiness, and respirations of 8/min. The nurse observes track marks on the client’s arm while reaching for unseen objects in the room. Which medication should the nurse anticipate to give to the client?Haloperidol 5 mg IM now may repeat X 1 after one hour.Diazepam 10 mg IM now and 5 mg after 4 hours.Naloxone 0.1 mg IM may repeat X 1 after 3 minutes.Dolophine 80 mg PO X 1 now and 60 mg every morning. 69.A client was admitted to the eating disorders unit, after developing hypokalemia at 1.9 mmol/L as the result of purging after binging, which of these medications will be the priority to administer for the client?Ferrous sulfateMagnesium sulfateCalcium gluconatePotassium 93.The health care provider ordered 160 mg of Abilify Maintena as a depot injection for psychotic symptoms and agitation. Medication on hands Abilify Maintena 400 mg/vial. Upon reconstitution with 2 ml of sterile water for injection, the nurse would draw up ?         ___ ml 98.A nurse is assessing a client who is experiencing difficulty sleeping, having parengta concentrating one year after the death of a relative during a destructive and even a sing client’s symptoms?Dissociative identity syndromeCeneralized annety disorderHysteric  personality disorderpost traumatic stress disorder     Health Science Science Nursing NURS 121L

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