1. when obtaining a client’s weight, what guidelines should

1. when obtaining a client’s weight, what guidelines should the… 1.  when obtaining a client’s weight, what guidelines should the nurse follow to ensure accuracy of the measurement?1)Weigh the client just before bedtime2) Use the same scale to weigh the client3)Weigh the client first thing in the morning4)Weigh the client any lime during the day 2. Which of the following guidelines of Canada’s Food Guide?1)you should eat food that is rich based proteins2)you should eat foods that are rich in proteins and sugar3) you should eat foods that are rich in calories for strength4)you should eat foods that are rich in plant-based protein  3.A recent visit to the health clinic reveals that the client’s body mass index (BMI) is 23kg/m2. How should the nurse interpret the BMI result?1)tell the client that this is underweight 2)tell the client this means obesity 3)tell the client that this is normal4)tell the client that he is overweight  4. The nurse is teaching a client exercise to strengthen the quadriceps. Which of the following should the nurse include when teaching quadriceps setting exercise?1)strengthen are muscle by doing this at least twice a day during awake hours2)push the heel slowly down toward the bed and then push upward3)tense and hold both hand muscles to a count of ten and slowly release4)push the popliteal space of the knee down against the bed surface 5.  “Rushing and slipped coming down the hallway stairs injuring his right wrist” “Has swelling in finger and hardly move wrists”1)discuss as an inference 2)identify it as a pattern3)identify it as a data gap4)discuss it as a data cluster 6.  Mr. Taylor is a 50-year-old man who Complains of feeling weak all over his body. He tells the nurse that he has “not slept well” for the past three nights but he still wants to take his daily walk in the park. He was observed walking 50-60 steps per minute and complained of exhaustion. He was just about to sit and take a rest when he slipped and injured his left wrist. Today he says “I can hardly move my left wrist with all swelling in my wrist and fingers.”He stopped at the walk-in clinic and was diagnosed with a sprained wrist, a splint was applied. Due to his injury, he is not able to cook so he eats a lot of TV dinners, pizzas and cookies. His most recent weight shows that he gained 5 pounds in two weeks, his BMI is now 28. He plans to go back to work in 2 days. “If my left wrist heals well”1)identify relevant data from the case study above that can be analyzed as a pattern 2)identify relevant data from the case study above that can be analyzed as a data cluster  3)identify relevant data from the case study above that can be analyzed as data gap 4) from the NANDA list  above select 1 priority nursing diagnosis to address Mr. Taylor’s healthcare needs 5)develop 2 patient goals and nursing interventions to address Mr. Taylor’s health care needs       Health Science Science Nursing PNUR 104

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