1. What would the tests and treatments both medical and nurs

1. What would the tests and treatments both medical and nursing be… 1. What would the tests and treatments both medical and nursing be for an annual physical exam. 2. What would some outcomes be?3. For patient with dermatitis what tests and treatments (both medical and nursing).4. What would be some outcomes be for dermatitis? 5. What tests and treatments (both medical and nursing) for urinary tract infection.6. What would the outcomes be for (UTI) urinary tract infection.7. What are nursing interventions for dermatitis?8. What are nursing interventions for annual physical exam?What are some nursing interventions for UTI?9. What are some referral and  resources that would be used for annual physical exam, dermatitis, and UTI.10. What collaboration with team members would be utilized during annual physical exam,  dermatitis and UTI?11. What would be some teaching for annual physical exam, dermatitis, and UTI?12. What kind of leadership would be observed for annual physical exam dermatitis, and UTI?13. Describe the role of each team members, LPN, RN, MD and discuss some interactions between the team members?14. What would some review communication techniques (therapeutic and non-therapeutic). Describe at least 4 that would be observed  ” examples of communication between team members. Please be specific of some good techniques that would be observed. 15. What would the LPN, RN and MD use as therapeutic technique-what type and non-therapeutic technique-what type. 16. What improvements could be made in some communication techniques?17. For diagnostic exam for urine analysis what would the result be for UTI. 18.  What would be some of the nursing assessments and interventions for urine analysis. 19. What would be some 5 client education related to urine analysis. 20. Please give me 4 examples of HIPPA guidelines of how HIPPA guidelines should be followed by these established guidelines?21. How would you maintain patient dignity in a clinical setting at a health clinic?22. Please give me 2 examples on how patient privacy and patient confidentiality should be maintained in a clinical setting at clinic health clinic. 23. Please describe 2  examples of American Nurses Association Code of Ethics?24. Describe two examples you an individual would practice according to the code of ethics.25. Please give me 3 examples how a nurse would function within the limits and boundaries of therapeutic patient centered-care?26. What would be 2 examples of how a nurse in the clinic setting could violate professional boundaries?27. Describe how the documentation that would be performed and observed utilized those ethical and legal requirements? 28. Please provide some 3 examples each on how a nurse would demonstrate the following professional behaviors in timeliness, attendance, appearance, preparation, positive attitude.  Health Science Science Nursing NURS 2437

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