1. What is an overdose? Why is it more common for this to ha

1. What is an overdose? Why is it more common for this to happen… 1. What is an overdose? Why is it more common for this to happen unintentionally with children? 2. What are some medications used to combat an overdose once it has been determined? What are some protocols in Ontario or hospitals you have been to? (Look up Ontario Poison Control Centre). 3. What lab values need to be assessed? Does it matter what medication was ingested? 4. What are some priority nursing interventions to do once an overdose has been suspected? 5. What is a nasogastric tube? What can it be used for in terms of an overdose?6. What methods would you use to insert a nasogastric tube into a two year old, refer to semester three checklist and modify for patient’s age. 7. What are some health teachings to give to parents/guardians of an unintentional drug overdose? Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 3QQ3

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