1) what do these labs mean, what does it indicate about(lobu

1) what do these labs mean, what does it indicate about(lobular)… Image transcription textPATHOPHYSIOLOGY MAP Liver inflammation Liver necrosis Liver fibrosis and scarring Pain Fever Decreasedbilirubin metabolism Portal hypertension . Hyperbilirubinemia . Jaundice Decreased bile in gastrointestinal tractNausea, vomiting, . Light-colored stools Ascites anorexia Decreased vitamin K absorption Edema … Show more… Show more1) what do these labs mean, what does it indicate about(lobular)  cirrolosis and ascites and what can happen if it is not taken care of in the future?, the pathophysiology and anatomy, implications of results and what does it mean for the patient.neut- 78.2,  mono 10.3, Eo 0.3,  Baso 0.3, sodium 129, potssiumium 5.0 chloride 89.6, Co2-17 creatinine 1.3, lymph 1.01, anion gap- 13, eGFR59,T- protein, albumin 2.7, AST 39, ALT 26, Bilirubin 19, calcium 8.4, ALK phos 09,  chloride 99.3, WBC 7.70, RBC 3.49, HGB 13.3, HCT-XE  36.3,. 2) what is the specific effects of giving  directics spironlactone and furosemide help?3)What are nursing assessments, interventions, side effects to look at the directics mentioned above?4)  How does giving predislone, alumen, potassium chloride, enoparin, hydrophilic ointment, nystatin specifcally help with ascites, cirrhosis and volume overload?5) how does volume overload connect with ascites from cirrhosis?6) Paracentesis  results in Loss of sodium and potassium ions ? Blood volume, what does this mean for the patient. How does it connect, pros and cons for the patient   and does it make sense to discontinue furosemide and spironlactone (detailed)?7) how does diuretics spironlactone and furosemide specific mechanism of action, absorption, pathophysiology work for ascites?8) What are the benefits of paracenesis and what are the drawbacks of paracensis? How do explain the process to the patient and how do tell the long term side effects?9) education for the patient in terms of the labs aboce, such as hyponatremia, the effects and long term effects, how to improve lifestyle, the consequences and complications if no lifestyle improvement.10)  Detailed pathophysiology, and pharmacology on volume overload and ascites?11) what does volume overload lead to ?12) how did volume overload effect cardiovascular system, respiratory system, Kidney system, Urinary systtem, and all other systems?13) How does ascites effect cardiovascular system, respiratory system, kidney system, urinary ststem and all other systems?14) The patient have abnormal veins and portal hypertension, what does this mean for the patient?15) How does everything fit together for a detailed presentation?16) How does ascites from cirrhosis lead to risk for electrolyte imbalance?17)  What are the implications of the labs (above), ascites and volume overload and cirrhosis fit together in a detailed presentation?18) What are the many other risks (other than risk for electrolyte imbalanc )and results for the patient .19) How would you explain everything to the paient that they understand including lifestyle changes, side effects to look out for the medication long term complications, present approach to ascites, cirrhosis  and volume overload?20) the patient have LVEF 70% normal diastolic function; what does that men for the patient?  Health Science Science Nursing NURS 4000

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