1. What are three current problems in the health care system

1. What are three current problems in the health care systems?What…  1. What are three current problems in the health care systems? What are research with examples? For instance, private health care or affordable health care. 2. What is the potential biological, psychological, and ethical dilemmas might arise from using placebos in health care?  3. What are developmental, gender, and sociocultural factors in health? Example of the identify the impact on the individual and community. 4. What is meant by patient adherence? What are some factors related to seeking medical treatment? Who will and will not use health services?   5. What is stress defined as stress? What are the different components of stress within the definition and explain how these components can be real and perceived. How does the definition of stress help us understand why people handle, manage, or cope with stress differently? 6.Discuss how everyday stress impacts life from a biological, psychological, and psychosocial perspective. Provide an example of each with scholarly support.  7.Ken Garoo hurt his back at work 2 years ago, and since then, he has experienced periods where he could not work due to low-back pain. Worker’s compensation has helped financially during those times. His wife has taken on extra responsibility completing chores and caring for him. His physician is reluctant to prescribe more opiate analgesics and would like to see him get into a program that would help alleviate his pain.” What CAM/s can be recommended to help Ken? Provide examples and source support to substantiate the response. 8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of physiological measures, behavioral assessments, and self-report measures of pain?  9. How does chronic illness have an impact on patients, caregivers, and their families? 10.How are lifestyle choices can be associated with cancer? Are there ways to prevent this predisposition? Why or why not?  11. Why are the five components of food essential to health? What are the consequences when these components are missing from a diet? 12. Describe the dangers associated with steroid use and exercise throughout the lifespan.  13. What is your opinion on end-of-life issues? Do you believe, ethically, that individuals have the right to choose when and how to die? Why or why not? 14. What current factors have affected (and may continue to affect) the growth of health psychology?       Health Science Science Nursing PSY 352

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