1) The School Choice Hoax: Fixing America’s Schools The argu

1) The School Choice Hoax: Fixing America’s Schools The argument… 1) The School Choice Hoax: Fixing America’s SchoolsThe argument that schools must be independent to engage in reform simply does not hold up. In recent years school districts haveexperimented with preschool programs, middle schools, year-round calendars, magnet schools, alternative education, school-basedmanagement, individual instruction, before- and after-school interventions, nongraded instruction, team teaching, smaller schools, andwork-study programs–to mention only a few of the countless reforms. The bizarre idea that they are unreceptive to new forms ofschooling exploits a false sense of hopelessness. While it is probably true that most school reforms haven’t lasted for long, the same canbe said of reforms adopted by businesses. Reform is a trial and error process. However, that doesn’t mean that school districts areimpervious to change. It means that most reforms require structural modifications and other institutional supports, which they usuallydo not get. This failure of institutional follow-through is partly, if not largely, because most reforms are imposed by outsiders who havelittle day-to-day stake in schools-college professors, politicians, and government officials.Which of the following is the main argument of the passage presented above?a) Only independent schools are receptive to, and capable of, reform.b) Public schools can only fail when attempting to implement reform.c) It is false to believe that only independent schools are receptive to reform. 2) Just Give It to Me Straight: A Case against Filtering the InternetThinking we can keep young people from sites we don’t want them to see simply by installing filters is whistling in the dark. If it works,it works only for the very young or the technologically naive. For the very young, it may be reasonable to protect them from inadvertentexposure to things they are not able to understand, But the older the child, the more pointless and self-defeating this effort becomes,The nature of the Internet is to expand access to information of all sorts – “good” and “bad.” Because its basic ethos is one of openness,any attempts to filter, partition, or censor the Internet will be met aggressively by some skilled programmers and website developers,somewhere, For motivated young people, there will always be a way to get to what they are seeking. Ironically, filters could actuallymake the problem worse by lulling adults into a false sense of security, so that they supervise kids less (thinking that the filter is doingthe job for them).Callister Jr, TA, and Nicholas C. Burbles, “Just Give It to Me Straights A Case Against Filtaring the Internet: Phi Delta Kappan, vol, 85, no. 3, May 2004, pg. 54B,Which of the following is the main argument of the passage presented above?a) Filtering the Internet to protect the young gives people a false sense of security.b) The Internet allows for the expansion of access to sites, both good and bad.c) Smart young people will always find a way to get around Internet filters.3). Selling the dream: why advertising is good business As we have seen, many longstanding concerns about advertising stem from longstanding myths and misunderstandings. Ads are toolsfor enhancing competition and innovation, not propping up stodgy monopolies. Having a wide variety of such tools allows firms to bemore effective competitors and innovators, an effect already being demonstrated by the rising productivity of marketing expenditures inthe new era of mass customization. At the same time, ads generally reduce prices rather than increase them. The proliferation ofadvertising platforms and the rediscovery of techniques such as product placement have coincided with one of the longest periods of lowinflation in modern history, with real prices (dollars per unit of consumer value) actually dropping substantially for many goods andservices such as automobiles, cothes, and electronic equipment.Which of the following is the main argument of the passage presented above?a) There are many misunderstandings about the benefits of advertising.b) Advertisements reduce rather than increase product prices.c) Advertisements create dangerous monopolies in the corporate world.Health Science Science Nursing ENGL 1301

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