1 The capacity to enforce legislation on behalf of the…1T

1 The capacity to enforce legislation on behalf of the…1The capacity to enforce legislation on behalf of the government as granted by the Constitution is called  agenda setting  statutory authority  tabling legislation  veto2.5 points    2Agenda setting is  Selection of a health problem as a policy target.  the stand taken regarding a particular issue  the process by which implementation agencies set detailed rules and regulations for the application of laws  revisions to rules or regulations2.5 points    3Which of the following is not a power of the US Congress?  The power to use any reasonable means not directly prohibited by the Constitution to carry out the will of the people  The power to declare that federal or state laws are unconstitutional  The power to tax  The power to allocate funds and restrict the manner in which states use those funds2.5 points    4  The legislative branch of the federal government is  the House of Representatives   the Senate   the US Congress (Senate & House of Representatives)   None of the above 2.5 points    5What are some of the major pathways to “Agenda Setting”  The impact/importance of the health problem  Public opinion regarding the impact/importance of health problem  Presidential involvement and Legislator interest  All of the above2.5 points    6Individuals or entities that combine and concentrate their member’s resources to pursue an active agenda to influence all phases of health policymaking are known as:  Lobbyist  Stakeholders  Interest Group  Politicians2.5 points    7Tabling legislation can be described as  Change or addition to current law or piece of legislation  Action undertaken by Congress to postpone consideration of legislation  Unilaterally stopping an official action  Authority to do so2.5 points    8Policy Modification is revisions to the rule or regulations pertaining to a piece of legislation and may take place:  During agenda setting  During legislation development  In rule making  All of the above2.5 points    9Legislation is operationalized by the:  ability to attain the policy objectives  Unexpected events or influence from determinants  specific agency assigned to develop the regulations to implement or enforce it.  All of the above2.5 points    10Well organized interest groups  combine and concentrate their member’s resources  pursue an active agenda to influence all phases of policymaking  represent a variety of iindividuals and entities  All of the aboveHealth Science Science Nursing NURS 4003

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