1. The arrival in Puerto Rico of the Nightingale Method for

1. The arrival in Puerto Rico of the Nightingale Method for the… 1. The arrival in Puerto Rico of the Nightingale Method for the training of Professional Nurses was due to: a- the Medical Discipline and Licensing Boardb- the US invasion of Puerto Rico in 1898c- the Medical Court of 1768d- the management of the military governor of Puerto Rico Charles H. Allen2. Promotes in Puerto Rico at the beginning of the 20th century that nurses receive adequate training through nursing schools in connection with hospitals. a-Rosa A. Gonzalezb-Military Governor General George W. Davisc-Military Governor General Charles H. Allend-Florence Nightingale3. What we know today as the Florence Nightingale Oath was created in 1893 at a nursing school in: a-USAb-Puerto Ricoc-United Kingdomd-Italy4.According to the original training method established by Florence Nightingale (Italy, 1820- United Kingdom, 1910): a-doctors taught about disease theoryb-“medical orders” should be soughtc-Nursing Schools should be autonomousd-all alternativese-none of the alternatives5.Nightingale was of the opinion that Nursing was not a subordinate branch of medical science, with the exception of: a-the functioning of the Autonomous School of Hospitalsb-practical training on the disease and patient carec-medical ordersd-supervision of studies by lay people6-Florence Nightingale believed that one of the most important aspects of nursing health care was: a-cleaning when curing a patientb-the autonomy of Nursing Schoolsc-mathematical and scientific knowledged-that health personnel were lay7-Florence Nightingale’s greatest contributions to Nursing came when she learned of the conditions of the wounded in the Crimean War between England and _____________________. a-Russiab-Francec-Italyd-Spain8-In October 1854, Florence Nightingale arrives at the British military base in Turkey with 38 nurses trained by her to realize the great needs they had. She intercedes with the British government and supplies are sent to a new hospital in which new Nursing techniques are instituted, achieving that: a-mortality rate will drop to 2%b-a School of Nursing was founded in Turkeyc-the Adapted Nightingale Method will be developedd-the British battalion defeated the Russians9-In her book Notes on Nursing, Florence Nightingale states that essential in the healing process of a patient are: a-all alternativesb-intermittent fasting during convalescencec-physical activity during ailmentsd-darkness to avoid infectione-none of the alternatives10-The Nightingale Method comes to the US when the government asks the nurse for guidance during: a-World War I (1914-1918)b-the Crimean War (1853-1856)c-World War II (1939-1945)d-the Civil War (1861-1865)Health Science Science Nursing HIS 212

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