1. Provide at least three examples of antepartal care a pati

1. Provide at least three examples of antepartal care a patient…   1. Provide at least three examples of antepartal care a patient should receive using complete sentences.2. How does adequate and appropriate antepartal care contribute to a positive maternal and fetal outcome?3. Provide at least 3 specific negative fetal outcomes that are associated with inadequate antepartal care. 4. Please discuss at least 2 potential concerns regarding social, financial, relationship or cultural issues. 5. Discuss what happens in each stage of labor listed below to include the contraction pattern, dilation and effacement pattern and the nursing care indicated. 6. What integument changes would you expect to see in a normal postpartal woman?7. What is the most desirable fetal position?8. Discuss nursing care after Cesarean birth.9. Discuss 5 teaching topics regarding postpartum care of the mother. Please discuss specific things about these 5 topics that you would teach the postpartum mother.10. Discuss the process of bonding including the phases of bonding by using the intake phase and other phases as well?11. Overall appearance of newborn. What would you assess and see in the newborn especially their fontanels, 12. Head size and shape, by discussing the location of the fontanels, shape and appearance, facial features. 13. Palate intact/nares patent, suck/swallow reflex present.14. Discuss what you would assess in the newborn for circulator assessment. 15. Please discuss what a nurse would assess in the newborn for all of these apical pulse, temperature, etc.16. What would you assess for in all of these in the newborn for first void, skin assessment, etc.First void and current voiding patternSkin assessment (observe for jaundice, bruising, any abnormal presentations of the skin or scalp), Skin turgorAssessment of all extremities including assessing the back and musculoskeletal structureTestes palpable/position of meatus on penisAny abnormalities of the genitaliaVaccines given during hospital stayAny evidence of possible infection in the neonateApical heart rate/circulatory assessmentTemperature/any concerns with thermoregulationRespiratory rate/lung soundsAssessment of chestAssessment of abdomenBowel sounds/rectum patent17. Reflex or condition to be assessed in the newborn.  18. When should this reflex disappear and what does it mean if this reflex is abnormal in the gag reflex.19. Describe several advantages of breastfeeding and at least three nursing interventions you can provide to your patients to promote successful breastfeeding. 20. Provide at least three nursing interventions you can provide to your patients to promote successful bottle feeding.21. Discuss in detail five teaching topics regarding newborn. 22. Describe how you accessed high quality electronic sources. 23. Discuss how you performed nursing skills using technology competently on this unit. Gag reflexHealth Science Science Nursing NURS 2437

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