1. Preface each paragraph with the following sentence. I vie

1. Preface each paragraph with the following sentence. I viewed the… 1. Preface each paragraph with the following sentence.I viewed the group project  presentation concerning the _______ (insert topic/nursing issue). 2. Include 3CQ to guide your responsesCompliment—I like that ___ because…;Comment—I agree/disagree with (specific point/idea) because…;Connection—I also thought that…;—I wonder why… Peer Project Pediatric Diabetes Nurse Educator and I found it really interesting.  The day-to-day: I didn’t have any idea that Nurse Educators have alot on their plate everyday. From case management to coordinating care to giving education. I wonder how they all of these tasks with ease. Education based on diabetes, including the tasks of daily livingassociated with the disease, takes up the majority of a Nurse Educator’s day. Depending on the age of the patient, she has to educate boththe patient and parent and make sure that they understand the important points she shares. Common problems: I agree that insurance can pose a barrier and make it difficult for some patients. The patients who are best off haveMediCaid: they get everything for free. On the otherhand, it is hard and frustrating for families with “good jobs” and commercial insurance, as we know,that ends up being more expensive. However, some pharmacies will not work with Medicaid as a secondary insurance. Forexample, one patient has a diagnosis of both Type 1 Diabetes and Autism, and in order for the social services associatedwith Autism to be covered, he needs MediCaid, which is this patient’s secondary insurance. However, this poses a problembecause most pharmacies do not work with both kinds of insurance, meaning private and MediCaidIn some instances, as I see, patients with a lower SES are better off, as MediCaid coverage ensures that they receive everything theyneed, whereas families with a high SES and private insurance often struggle with the cost. One recent example of a patientwith private insurance entails a bill of $4,000 per month to adequately medicate the child just so she can live. How can diabetes education be improved?: I think many families rely on things the diabetes clinic is able to give, as pharmaciesstruggle to keep certain medications and accessories in stock and insurance companies are resistant to cover them.Therefore, as I observe, families and especially the young patients, have a difficult time with the ease and continuity of their medications. At this nurse’s clinic, they are often given samples that the nurse can happily hand out to families. However, I think that it is a barrier once these samples run out and their families tend to like them the most, I wonder how they get some when they can’t get them offered by their pharmacy or insurance.Health Science Science Nursing NURSE-UN 1244

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