1. List the major components of the pulmonary system. 2. Wha

1. List the major components of the pulmonary system. 2. What are…  1. List the major components of the pulmonary system.2. What are conducting airways?3. Describe an alveolus.4. What are the functions of the pulmonary circulation and of the bronchial circulation?5. What is the most important factor causing pulmonary artery constriction? What other factors are involved?6. What are the visceral and parietal pleurae?7. What are the characteristics of the pleural space?8. Which components of the pulmonary system contribute to the body’s defense?9. What are the functions of the pulmonary system?10. How do ventilation and respiration differ?11. Describe three functions of the respiratory center in the brainstem.12. What are the three types of lung receptors?13. How do the functions of central and peripheral chemoreceptors differ?14. Describe the work of the diaphragm in ventilation.15. What is a surfactant? What is its function?16. How is elastic recoil related to compliance?17. What causes changes in airway resistance?18. What are the eight steps of gas transport?19. Describe the relationship between ventilation and pulmonary blood flow.20. What is the alveolocapillary membrane? How does it function in ventilation and perfusion?21. Describe the process of oxyhemoglobin association and dissociation.22. What is barometric pressure? How is it related to physiologic pressure measurements?23. List the primary signs and symptoms of pulmonary disease.24. What abnormal breathing patterns are seen with pulmonary disease?25. What mechanisms produce hypercapnia?26. What mechanisms produce hypoxemia?27. How does chest wall restriction affect ventilation?28. How does pneumothorax differ from pleural effusion?29. What causes empyema?30. Contrast aspiration and atelectasis.31. What are some of the causes of pulmonary fibrosis?32. What symptoms are produced by inhalation of toxic gases?33. Describe pneumoconiosis and give two examples.34. Briefly describe the role of neutrophils in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).35. What mechanisms cause airway obstruction in asthma?36. How does emphysema affect oxygenation and ventilation?37. Define chronic bronchitis.38. Compare pneumococcal and viral pneumonia as to the severity of the disease.39. Describe the pathophysiologic features of tuberculosis.40. How does lung abscess present clinically?41. What factors influence the impact of an embolus?42. List three causes of pulmonary hypertension.43. What is cor pulmonale?44. Describe squamous cell carcinoma of the vocal cords.45. Differentiate the two types of non-small cell lung cancer.46. What are paraneoplastic syndromes? Health Science Science Nursing HESC 165

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