1 It is important to conduct a thorough history and…   1 

1 It is important to conduct a thorough history and…   1 It is important to conduct a thorough history and physical on a well woman comprehensive exam.  The factors that enable women to enjoy and control their sexual and reproductive lives, including a physical and emotional state of well-being and the quality of sexual and other close relationships, make up a woman’s:a Gender identityb Sexual healthc Sexual identifyd Psychosocial orientation 2 Recurrence should be expected even if a patient is taking an anti-viral medication for HSV 2.TrueFalse 3 What is the most common symptom of vulvovaginal candidiasis?a Fishy odorb Feverc Thin, grayish-white discharged Thick white vaginal discharge 4 What can result from an imbalance in the vaginal flora?a Herpes simplex virusb Human papillomavirusc Chlamydiad Bacterial vaginosis 5 A 24-year-old female presents to your clinic with a white thick, a fishy odor, the nurse practitioner suspects that this may be what type of vaginal infection?a Syphilisb Vaginal candidiasisc Gonorrhead Bacterial vaginosis 6 Which of the following might be a sign of hyperandrogenism?a Irritable bowel syndromeb Decreased sebum secretion in the skinc Decreased muscle massd Acne associated with menstrual dysfunction 7 A 40-year-old female is suspected to have endometriosis.  The nurse practitioner recognizes that the gold standard test for endometriosis is:a Ultrasoundb Colonoscopyc Ultrasound with Laparoscopyd Laparoscopy with biopsy 8 What is a common vasomotor symptom of menopause?a Blood clotsb Night sweatsc Osteoporosisd Hysterectomy 9 Which of the following is associated with increased risk of endometriosis?a Late menarcheb Long menstrual cyclesc Early menarched Late menopause 10 Research has demonstrated that emergency contraception pills are approximately 74 percent effective when taken as long as:a 24 hours after unprotected sexual intercourseb 120 hours after unprotected sexual intercoursec 48 hours after unprotected sexual intercoursed 12 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse 11 What is one of the side effects of hormonal contraceptives?a Reduction in ovarian cancer riskb Increased menstrual blood lossc Increased risk of endometrial cancerd Heavier menstrual flow 12 Why is adenomyosis frequently underdiagnosed?a It cannot be detected via an ultrasound.b It is almost always asymptomatic.c It is most common in adolescents.d It has similar symptoms to other pelvic pain conditions. 13 Genital HPV infection is very common and can be transmitted through:a vaginalb analc orald all of the above 14 What is the most common type of UTI that affects women?a Acute bacterial cystitisb Pyelonephritisc Asymptomatic bacteriuriad Pyelitis 15 Some terms that have been used to describe menstruation include all the following except: a my red flag b my rag c the curse d my BFF  16 What can bacterial vaginosis lead to?a Vulvovaginal candidiasisb Pelvic inflammatory diseasec Toxic shock syndromed Trichomoniasis 17 The most commonly reported STI is:a PIDb Gonorrheac Chlamydiad HSV 2 18 What has changed in terms of recommended antibiotic treatment for uncomplicated lower UTIs?a Seven-day regimens are now recommended.b Three times a day of oral antibiotics are now recommended.c Three-day regimens are now recommended.d A single dose is now recommended. 19 The menstrual cycle begins with the initiation of menses and lasts? a 2-3 days b 5-7 days c 4 to 6 days d 1 – 2 days  20 Research suggests a link between PMS and:a Seasonal affective disorderb Celiac diseasec High blood pressured Hypoglycemia Health Science Science Nursing NRNP 6552

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