1. In the following scenario, which communication model is..

1. In the following scenario, which communication model is… 1. In the following scenario, which communication model is demonstrated? During the care of a client, a provider states, “Give 325mg of Aspirin for the client chest pain.” The nurse responds, “I will give Aspirin 325mg oral tablet.” a. Critical-languageb. Check-backc. Hand-off check d. SBAR 2. The nurse is caring for a comatose client. The daughter is very distraught and notices her mother’s hand moves when she is talking to her. The daughter asks the nurse, “Is mother responding to my voice? The nurse, attempting to console the daughter, knows the movement was involuntary but stated, “It does appear she did. “The nurse is primarily violating which principle of ethics?A. Utilitarianismb. Veracityc. Autonomyd. Deontology 3. Why is it important for the nurse to have self-awareness of their conflict resolution style?a. To identify why the other person in the disagreement is wrongb. To understand how the nurse’s own behavior may contribute to interpersonal problemsc. For the nurse to prove why they are right in a disagreementd. For the nurse to create necessary conflict in the patient care environment 4. A registered nurse is assessing a client in the emergency room. The client is confused and crying. The nurse threatens to place the client in restraints if the client doesn’t stop crying. Which of the following acts has the nurse committed?a. Invasion of privacyb. Batteryc. Negligenced. Assault 5. What statement best describe the difference between a Living Will and a power of attorney (POA) for health care decisions (HCD)?a. When the client is unconscious the proxy named in the POA for HCD can make all health care related decisionsb. The Living Will usually provide better guidance for future healthcare decision for all members of the healthcare teamc. Decisions made in a Living Will reflect one’s preferences regarding health care whereas a POA will reflect only end-of-life decisions.d. The POA for HCD is durable, meaning that the person named always has the power to make decisions for the client. 6. A nurse transfers to another hospital unit. What must the nurse do to determine if they are qualified to care for the assigned clients on this unit?a. Be primarily concerned with organizing the number of clients assigned to themb. Accept the assignment as appropriate as the unit team leader assigned the clientc. Ask the unit team leader for advice on how other nurses have handled this situationd. Determine whether he or she is competent to perform the care needed for the client assigned. 7. which of the following statements is the most true regarding “I” statements?a. Allow the receiver to demonstrate a defensive positionb. Alert the receiver to a high stakes’ situationc. Ensures the nurse can voice their own opinionsd. Enhances communication to convey a true message from the sender. 8. The nurse’s aide is trying to bathe an elderly client with Alzheimer’s. The client attempts to hit the aide. In frustration, the aide pinches the client. Which of the following charges could be brought against the aide?a. Negligenceb. Assaultc. Felonyd. Battery 9. During conflict resolution, the nurse listens to a client reveal the precipitating events that led to the client’s frustration. The nurse focuses his attention on the client, makes eye contact, and acknowledges what the client is saying. Which communication technique is the nurse demonstrating?a. Empathetic behaviorb. Active listening c. Assertive communicationd. Passive communication.   Health Science Science Nursing NURN 129

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