1.Go to this website:… 1.Go to this website: https://www.n

1.Go to this website:… 1.Go to this website: https://www.nln.org/education/teaching-resources/professional-development-programsteaching-resourcesace-all/ace-s-ade6b65c-7836-6c70-9642-ff00005f0421/unfolding-cases-7304b15c-7836-6c70-9642-ff00005f0421 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the web page and select your assigned person:3. After you click on your assigned person, click on the Download All Files for this Unfolding Case Study or the Expand All links that appears on the left side of your screen.4. Click on Monologue audio file (for the people who are assigned to Henry and Ertha Williams, there is only one audio file from Henry). This is an audio file, so there will not be a video.5. Listen to the file in its entirety. Take notes on what is being said and listen for clues about concerns the person is directly and indirectly expressing.6. Then, write a five – paragraph paper, using proper APA 7th edition format (no abbreviations, use proper words [it is grandchildren, not grandkids; it is mother, not mom, as examples], no contractions, indent the paragraphs, double spaced, etc.) that addresses the listed five areas below. These five areas are your Level 1 headings that should be in bold font, centered on the page, key words capitalized, and condensed to the topic for the paragraph:  Henry and Ertha Williams Monologue audio filea. Describe what this person would look like to you. Why do you think that? Please use the person’s name in this and other sections of the paper.b. When listening to the monologue, what things, stated by the older adult, are concerning for you?c. When listening to the monologue, where you able to “read between the lines” and find things that are concerning for the older adult that were minimized by the person or concerning to you but glossed over by the person? What were these things?d. What consultations would be appropriate for the person that you listened to for this assignment? What is your rationale for these consults?e. Thinking forward, how will you interact as a registered nurse with Henry and Ertha Williams  when they are your patient or family visitor?Health Science Science Nursing NUR 152

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