1 Discuss the concept of self-actualisation. Why is this…

1 Discuss the concept of self-actualisation. Why is this…1Discuss the concept of self-actualisation. Why is this concept important when supporting the independence and wellbeing of clients in the community services sector? 2Physical and mental health is vital for individuals in maintaining positive wellbeing. Provide an example of what people can do for themselves to promote positive health and wellbeing and what can have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.HygieneTasks to promote positive health and wellbeing:Behaviours that have a negative impact on health and wellbeing:Physical health/fitnessTasks to promote positive health and wellbeing:Behaviours that have a negative impact on health and wellbeing:NutritionTasks to promote positive health and wellbeing:Behaviours that have a negative impact on health and wellbeing:Mental healthTasks to promote positive health and wellbeingBehaviours that have a negative impact on health and wellbeing 3aAbuse can occur in various ways, list possible indicators of:Physical Abuse:Sexual abuse:Psychological abuseFinancial abuse 3bIn your work role if you suspect abuse, who should it be reported to? 4aWhat are common stereotypes around sexuality and sexual expression for people who require personal support including; the elderly or people with disabilities? 4bAs a support worker what can you do in your role to support client needs around sexuality? 5Match the life-span / developmental stages listed to the biological, cognitive and psychosocial developments that occur during these stages.Life-span / developmental stages are:• Birth to 2-years-old• Early to middle childhood• Adolescence• Adulthood• Late AdulthoodLife-span / developmental stage:Biological – Male voice gets deeper and facial hair begins to develop. Girls develop hips and breasts.Cognitive – Thinking becomes more self-conscious, self-critical and idealistic.Psychosocial – Sexual orientation and identity emerges.Life-span/developmental stage:Biological – Losses in vision and hearing begin to develop.Cognitive – Ability to receive and store new information in memory declines Psychosocial – Life satisfaction is often dependent on family connections.Life-span/developmental stage:Biological – Physical strength increases and body proportions become more adult like.Cognitive – Language ability develops rapidly and vocabulary increases.Psychosocial – Awareness of gender roles emerge and thinking about the world outside of the home beginsLife-span/developmental stage:Biological – Sensory and perceptual abilities develop rapidly.Cognitive – Thinking begins to include the concept of object permanence.Psychosocial – Emotional responses change from basic to more complex. The concept of secure attachment sets in, allowing for independent exploration.Life-span/developmental stage:Biological – Organ efficiency begins to decrease at a rate of approximately 1% each year.Cognitive – Short term memory ability peaks and wisdom begins to develop.Psychosocial – The need for achievement sets in and is often met through work satisfaction and intimate relationships. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING CHCCCS023

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