1. As the nurse collaborating with a postpartum woman who ap

1. As the nurse collaborating with a postpartum woman who appears… 1. As the nurse collaborating with a postpartum woman who appears to be having some postpartum mental health issues, what would include in assessment and what assessments, or s would want to ask about the newborn? What would alert that should be concerned that the newborn may not be getting adequate care related to the mother’s condition? (5 points)  2. Compare postpartum “blues” and postpartum depression. Need to discuss the differences in symptoms, onset, pathophysiology, and treatment. Must be detailed in discussion and use several sources to develop response. (5 points) 3. Discuss what postpartum psychosis is, pathophysiology, symptoms, and treatment options. Use the same detail as discussed intwo. (5 points) 4. If a patient were to be treated for postpartum depression with psychotropic medications, would she still be able to breastfeed, and is this a safe practice? Discuss at least three medications that could potentially be used as a treatment option in both the lactating and nonlactating patient. As discuss the medications and state what classification they are in, how do they work at the cellular level and what are some of the adverse effects. (5 points) 5. Complete three nursing diagnoses for postpartum depression, postpartum blues and or postpartum psychosis. Must have three separate nursing diagnoses, and they each need their own measurable goal, 3-5 nursing interventions for each diagnosis and a clear and concise evaluation statement for each. (5 points).  6. Research three cultures or religious affiliations that have an interest in regarding intrapartal and postpartal beliefs. Should consider both the mother and the newborn regarding the beliefs or practices. Once have selected three diverse cultures or religious affiliations discuss each individually regarding the beliefs and or practices of this culture or religious group. Must have a least one well developed paragraph on each culture and use several different appropriate references. (10 points) Health Science Science Nursing NURS 2513

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