1-a nurse is preparing to witness a client sign a consent fo

1-a nurse is preparing to witness a client sign a consent for…   1-a nurse is preparing to witness a client sign a consent for laparoscopic total cholecystectomy. The nurse s and notify the provider if the client makes which of the following statements?1-I might have trouble staying on a low-fat diet after my surgery.”2-I will plan to be in the hospital for 24 hours following my surgery.”3-I can resume my normal activities in 1 to 2 weeks.”4- hope that removing my appendix will make me feel better. 2-a nurse is caring for a client who is scheduled for surgery. While reviewing the client’s medical record, the nurse notes Which of the following documents provides information about organ donation?1-Informed consent2-Do-not-resuscitate order3- Advance directives4-Provider’s prescription 3-nurse is reinforcing teaching with a client who has a new diagnosis of chlamydia. Which of the following instructions is she teaching?1-Your sexual partners can receive a chlamydia vaccine to protect against infection.”2- The law requires a report of each case of chlamydia to the local health department.’3-Chlamydia is an incurable infection that causes a thick, curd-like discharge.4-You can resume sexual activity 2 days after you complete your antiviral treatment. 4-nurse is caring for a 16-year-old client who was in a motor vehicle crash and needs surgical intervention from either of the client’s parents. The nurse should identify that which of the following is true about obtaining 1-The surgeon can obtain informed consent from the client’s adult cousin.2-The surgeon should delay surgery until he can obtain informed consent from a parent.3-The client’s pediatrician can obtain implied consent.4- The surgeon can proceed with the surgery by invoking implied consent. 5-nurse is reinforcing teaching with the family of an older adult client about safety precautions. Which of the following does the nurse include to reduce the risk of a client fall? (Select all that apply.)1-Install a raised toilet seat in the client’s bathroom.2-Encourage an annual review of the medications the client is taking.3-Attach full-length side rails to the client’s bed.4-Place throw rugs on uncarpeted floors in the client’s home.5- Ensure the client wears nonskid slippers when walking around the house. 6- a nurse at a long-term care facility is assisting with teaching staff about infection control practices. Which of nurses include as an infection control hazard?1-A staff member wipes a countertop with chlorhexidine solution to clean the area following a blood spill.2-A nurse uses alcohol-based antiseptic to clean his hands after talking with a client who has varicella-zoster.3-A nurse pours sterile 0.9% sodium chloride irrigation solution on an open pressure wound prior to collecting a4- A staff member places a midstream urine sample in a specimen refrigerator after collecting it 7-nurse is collecting data from a client who is experiencing abdominal pain. The nurse states that they will give medication. The nurse is demonstrating which of the following ethical principles?1-Autonomy2-Nonmaleficence3-Fidelity4-Justice 8- charge nurse is reinforcing teaching with a newly licensed nurse about the confidentiality of clients’ electronic the following statement by the newly licensed nurse indicates an understanding of the teaching?1-I can remain logged on to my computer if I step away for less than 5 minutes.”2-A client can obtain a copy of their psychotherapy notes.”3-I will ensure that my screen isn’t visible to others when I’m documenting.4-I will crete a simple password that is easy to remember. 9-nurse is reviewing safety precautions with assistive personnel (AP) about repositioning a client who has a pres following actions suggested by the AP indicates an understanding of the procedure? 1-Elevate the head of the bed to a 45° angle.2-Position the bed in reverse Trendelenburg.3-Lower the bed close to the ground.4-Use an air-assisted device. 10-nurse is assisting with the care of a client who is experiencing a cardiac arrest. Which of the followingassistive personnel? 1-Place defibrillator pads on the client.2-Assist with airway intubation.3-Perform CPR on the client.4-Maintain IV access. 10-A nurse is preparing to provide care to a client who is postoperative following an abdominal hysterectomy scheduled tasks should the nurse perform first? 1-Change the client’s abdominal dressing.2-Measure the client’s vital signs.3-Discontinue the client’s PCA.4-Remove the client’s indwelling urinary catheter. 11-nurse is assisting with discharge planning for an older adult client who will require dressing changes for a hea home. Which of the following services should the nurse recommend?1-Adult daycare2-Palliative care3-Long-term care4-Wound care 12-A nurse responds to the room of a client who is recovering from a cardiac arrest where CPR was performed. The client tells the nurse that their parent has a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) prescription in their medical record. Which of the following nurse take first? 1-Report the occurrence to the nursing supervisor.2-Verify the DNR prescription is current in the medical record.3-Complt an incident report stating the facts of the situation.4-Request a meeting with the ethics committee. 13-nurse is assisting with the development of a nursing staff in-service about medication reconciliation. Which of the following does the nurse recommend including in the in-service? 1-Medication reconciliation can be delegated to assistive personnel.2-Medication reconciliation should be completed whenever the nurse administers medication.3-Complte medication reconciliation when a client moves to a new room on the same unit.4-Include herbal supplements in the medication reconciliation. 14-A nurse in a rehabilitation center is assisting with the discharge of a client who had a below-the-knee the client has which of the following supplies and equipment available?1-Elastic bandage2-A knee immobilizer3-Silver sulfadiazine cream 4-A soft mattress 15-nurse on a mental health unit is caring for four clients. Which of the following clients should the nurse see first  1-A client who has an anxiety disorder and appears restless2-A client who has schizophrenia and exhibits apathy3-A client who has major depressive disorder and reports hopelessness4- A client who has bipolar disorder and exhibits provocative behavior 16-nurse is contributing to the plan of care for a client who is postoperative following a lumbar laminectomy. What should the nurse include in the plan? 1-Place a pillow under the client’s back while supine.2-Remove the back brace when the client is out of bed.3-Maintain the head of the bed at 90°,4-Reposition the client by logrolling. 17-nurse is attending a quality improvement meeting. Which of the following actions should the nurse take improvement program to address healthcare-associated infections? 1-Select a potential intervention to lower the current infection rate.2-Incorporate the process change into daily practice within the facility.3-Identify current infection rates from facility data.4-Determine if the implemented change has lowered the current infection rate.18-nurse on a medical unit is making staff assignments. Which of the following tasks should the nurse delegate to an as 1-inserting a straight urinary catheter for a client2-Performing perineal care for a client who has an indwelling urinary catheter3-Increasing oxygen flow for a client who has a nasal cannula4-Showing a client how to use an incentive spirometer 19-nurse is prioritizing care for four clients. Which of the following tasks should the nurse perform first?1-Administer an antibiotic for a client who has methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.2-Change the dressing for a client who has a decubitus ulcer.3-Initiate a 24-hr. urine collection for a client who has end-stage kidney disease.4-Initiate oxygen therapy via nasal cannula for a client who has COPD. 20-nurse is reviewing the prescriptions for a client who is postoperative following total hip arthroplasty. Which should the nurse clarify with the provider?1-Perform range-of-motion exercises every 2 hr.2-Place an abduction pillow between the legs.3-Reposition the client every 2 hr.4-Instruct the client to limit flexion of the hips no further than 100° 21-a charge nurse is reinforcing teaching with a newly licensed nurse about methods to contain health care costs within which of the following statements by the newly licensed nurse indicates an understanding of the teaching?1-Charging the client for only a portion of the supplies used will help to decrease the costs to the hospital.”2-Client care should be organized for efficient use of time.”3-A high cost of treatment ensures that the best quality of care was provided to the client.’4-The costs associated with complications after a surgical procedure are factored into the scheduled reimbursement 22-nurse is assisting in a client education class for fire safety in the home. Which of the following statements by the nurse of the teaching? 1-I should change the batteries in my smoke alarms every 2 years.”2-I will attempt to extinguish the fire before calling the fire department.”3-I will use a Class A extinguisher for an electrical fire.”4-I should spray the extinguisher from side to side on the fire.” Health Science Science Nursing NUR 233

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