1) A nurse cleaned hands with alcohol foam and is straighten

1) A nurse cleaned hands with alcohol foam and is straightening the… 1) A nurse cleaned hands with alcohol foam and is straightening the room of a surgical patient. Place the actions of the nurse in order of asepsis from first to last.a. Wash handsb. Straighten bedside tablec. Empty urine collection bagd. Change the suction canistere. Don glovesf. Place the call light near the patientg. Remove glovesSelect one:a. e, c, d, b, g, f, ab.a, c, d, g, e, f, bc.b, f, e, d, c, g, ad.e, b, d, c, f, g, a2) You are to give an IM injection to your patient. The medication comes in a glass ampule. You know you are to do the following EXCEPT which answer?a.Snap the top using a gauze.b.Insert air into the ampule before pulling the medication out.c.Use a filtered needle to draw up the medication into the syringe.d.After drawing the medication into the syringe, change the needle.3)A nurse is caring for a client with a wound infection. Which of the following actions should the nurse take when obtaining a wound drainage specimen for culture?Select one:a.Include intact skin at the wound edges in the culture.b.Swab an area of skin away from the wound to identify normal flora for comparison with culture.c.Wipe away pus with a gauze swab and sterile saline prior to culturing the wound.d.Irrigate the wound with prescribed antiseptic prior to culturing the wound. 4) A nurse received an end-of-shift report on four patients. Which patient should the nurse see first?Select one:a.A patient who is an athlete, admitted with a torn ACL, whose pulse is 57.b.A patient who is 78 years old with a temperature of 101F. c.A patient who is post-laparoscopic cholecystectomy, with mild shoulder pain.d.A patient admitted with GERD, with a BP of 160/90. 5) You are caring for a gentleman who has a colostomy. Which of the following would you call the physician ?a.The stoma is beefy pink.b.The stool in the bag has a foul odor.c.The stoma is pale pink.d.There is a lot of air in the colostomy bag.6)You need to change the colostomy wafer on your patient. How large should you cut the whole in the wafer to fit around the wafer? a.Cut the wafer one half of an inch larger than the stoma.b.Cut the wafer one inch larger than the stoma.c.Cut the wafer one half inch smaller that the stoma.d.Cut the wafer the same size as the stoma. 7) Indicate the appropriate pulse measurement site for each of the following situations. (Choices may be used more than once)A 76-year-old client with an order for a dose of digoxin.A 13-year-old in urgent care with a scalp laceration.A 3-month-old infant for their well baby check-up.A 56-year-old showing tachycardia with an irregular rhythm on the monitor.A 23-year-old 5 hours after her cholecystectomy. 8) Which of the following interventions is appropriate when a nurse performs a catheterization on a female client? Select all that apply.Select one or more:a.Provide privacy. b.Position the client in the prone position.c.Maintain medical asepsis throughout the procedure. d.Ask the client not to talk during the procedure.e.Darken the room.9) A surgeon askes you to witness an informed consent for your patient, who is having surgery. When you sign as the witness you are agreeing that the patient….a.The patient is alert and oriented at the time of signing the consent.b.Agrees to have the surgeryc.The patient understands the alternatives to surgery.d.The patient is their own power of attorney. 10) A nurse is caring for a patient who is post op day 4 from a bilateral knee replacement.  The patient has a JP drain in both knees to collect drainage.  What type of drainage should the nurse expect to see ?Select one:a.Serous sanguinous drainageb.No drainage present  in JP drainc.Purulent drainaged.Sanguinous drainageHealth Science Science Nursing NURS 110

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