1. A male patient is in the Emergency Department of abdomina

1. A male patient is in the Emergency Department of abdominal pain… 1.  A male patient is in the Emergency Department of abdominal pain physician the anticipates2. A patient is in hospital experiencing related to specific interventions for this the patient includes rational3.  A patient with advanced cirrhosis has significant ascites and peripheral edema. The physician asked the nurse if the patient required drainage of the ascites fluid or not. What will the nurse base this decision on? In other words, what will the nurse consider or assess to answer this ? In your response. State yes or no and description of your reasoning. 4. The nurse is for a patient with an acute abdomen identify four nursing priorities that should be included when planning care5.  The nurse is caring for a patient admitted with portal hypertension and ascites Which assessment finding is most indicative of a serious complication a. Feeling tired and fatigued b. Hematemesis breakfast c. Petechiae on the abdomen d. two-pound weight loss from the previous day6. A mid-male admitted assessment with viral hepatitis. He is quite jaundiced. On assessment, the nurse also notes he is experiencing anorexia, has minimal oral fluid intake and has multiple scratches across his arm. He is feeling nauseous.  His last VS are .7C,  92/min 22and 142/70 a mild ache in his left upper quadrant. He has an IV of NS   infusing at 75cc/hr.      1. Based on the above, prioritize what be included in your care of this patient as you begin your shift. (1-6, 1 being top priority)     2.  the nurse notes the patient is abnormal, what teaching should be included to the patient? Identify 7.  The nurse is caring for a 26-year-old female with exacerbation ulcerative colitis several days ago. identify three teaching topics and brief descriptions of each that should be included in care. 8. a patient is in the emergency department with acute appendicitis. The patient requests a strong analgesic so she can home to attend her daughter’s wedding shower and return to the ER tomorrow. .  Based on course concepts. What are the best reasons for the nurse9. the nurse caring for a patient with an acute abdomen is aware that there are numerous causes of this condition. List four possible causes, from at least two different body systems. Health Science Science Nursing PNH 401

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