Answer & Explanation:Need Answer for 2 Questions1.  Select
two topics below and post an original thread of 200 to 300 words each in this
week’s discussion forum.
do a logical data mapping exercise?Why
would XVS Pharmacy require all of their architects to use this logical data
model for developing physical data models?What
is a subtype/supertype?
The following is a high level scenarioof what you will be developingthis week:You’re a data architect at a large pharmacy chain (XVS pharmacy).   XVS Pharmacy incorporates an Inmon 3NF or
close to 3NF Physical data model, and Kimball star Schema Semantic/Reportinglayer.Forthis weekXVS Pharmacy asked you to build the 3NF Physical Data Model(Complete details for this assignment are
outlined below).

XVS Pharmacy has provided you with a spreadsheet that contains
the file layout of all the attributes.It also contains the business rules that you need to use when
building your 3NF
physical model. Your
assignment is to transform this spreadsheet layout(using the business rules) into
a 3NF physical model.
The spreadsheet is located in the  attached documents folder. The spreadsheet is called File Layout XVS Pharmacy. Make sure your physical
model uses Crow’s Feet Notation.Also you should have all your attributes for each entity clearly labeled
and include a PK for each table. I also want to see all appropriate FKs for each entity.Data Types are not critical within your model.

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