Answer & Explanation:Please choose one of these topics and write a research paper in APA format. Why and How U.S. Labor Unions Seek to Influence Federal, State and Local Politics.How Global Competitiveness Affects Labor/Management Relations.How Right-to-Work Laws Affects Labor/Management Relations.An Objective Analysis of the Proposed Federal Employee Free Choice ActUnion Support Craft Jurisdictional Conflict and Restrictive Work PracticesHow Technology Affects Labor/Management Relations3 full double-spaced pages and a maximum of 5 pages, not counting yout title page or resource listing.  You may use your textbook as a source, but you must have a minimum of 3 non-text sources as well.  Please document your sources professionally and include a bibliography.  A word to the wise — Quality is paramount, but in most cases a 3 page paper will not be valued as highly as a 4 or 5 page paper.P.S. Please note that this paper accounts for 50% of my final grade so please don’t screw it up

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