Answer & Explanation:In Unit 3, you
selected one company about their SCM and their use of forecasting and planning
to develop their strategy. (Walmart)For Unit 4 assignment, you must prepare a MS PowerPoint
presentation to explain your company’s transportation and warehousing strategy
to potential investors and lenders. Provide your information as a bulleted list
on the slides and insert explanations where applicable.  ***Use the notes section in MS PowerPoint to
add additional information and clarity to your presentation. **** Provide a
minimum of three reference (one may be your textbook). You can research your
responses in your textbook, in the library, and on the Internet:When creating your
presentation, include the following information: / Read Tip from Professor
belowSlide 1: List the
presentation title, the company name, the date, and your name.Slide 2: Describe
the overall transportation objectives of the company.Slide 3: Describe
and evaluate the modes of transportation that they use to move products from
factory to customers.Slide 4: Identify
the locations of the factories, and warehouses.Slide 5-6: Evaluate
the advantages and disadvantages of the locations for the organization’s
factories and warehouses.Slide 7: Analyze the
economic and political factors that can impact their transportation and
warehousing network.Slide 8: Describe
how technology is used for managing the organization’s transportation and
warehousing network.Slide 9: Make
recommendations for improving the organization’s transportation and warehousing
network.Slide 10: List of
references using APA format. Include at least three resources one of which may
be your textbook.Tips for the professor
Note you are to have 10
slides for the presentation.  If you need
more add them.Be sure each slide has
a heading.  Do not use type less
than 20 pt as it becomes difficult for people in a room to read what is on your
slide.Do not write your
narrative on the slide, use bullets and ideally no more than 4 bullets to a
slide.Do write your
narrative in your speaker notes.  Note on each slide at the bottom is a
place for you to write your speaker notes.  This is where you want to
write out your script, note that no movie, news cast or even the President does
not speak without a script, nothing is done with “just wing it”.
 As you write your script, you can rehearse what you would say in a
presentation, this way you are NOT reading your PowerPoint slide,
but speaking to your audience, you want the audience to listen to you and see
your face, not your back.Do add color to your
slide template, a plain black and white template is boring and looks like
an overhead presentation.Be careful to NOT use
a dark background then add a dark text which is then unreadable.Do add graphics,
pictures and charts add value to audience members.

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