Answer & Explanation:dear writer here are the instructions for this assignment:The Supreme Court looks at three questions to determine if there has
been a violation of the Equal Protection clause.  It then developed
three different tests for determining if state laws violate the Equal
Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, rational basis, strict
scrutiny and intermediate scrutiny. Review the situations described
below and then identify which test to apply to determine whether there
has been a violation of the Equal Protection Clause.  Consider the
presence of a suspect class, fundamental right or purposeful
discrimination in determining which test to use.
After analyzing statistics on marijuana use and behavior, a state allows females to use marijuana but not males.The National Honor Society at a public university tells a student that she was not selected because she is too old.A state university sponsors a religious club but refused to sponsor an atheist club.A state law does not allow discrimination lawsuits when the reason
for refusal of service is religious beliefs (a caterer refuses to cater a
gay wedding).An immigrant family cannot apply for welfare benefits until they have lived in a state for two years.
Paper Submission Requirements:
Your paper should be APA formatted and the body of your paper should be approximately two pages in length. An APA format has been provided for your convenience. For further guidance on your paper, please refer to the “Written Assignment and Research Paper Rubric.”Assignment should be uploaded in this section before midnight on Sunday.
Resources for Assessment:
Textbook Readings: Constitutional Law Principles & Practice, chapter 8Exploring Constitutional Conflictsi upload the written assignment and research paper rubric please make shore you read it and applique  and also you can google the text book name :The book name is Constitutional Law Principles & Practice

Unformatted Attachment Preview

Written Assignments & Research Paper Rubric
Project demonstrates lack
of awareness of subject
matter and/or inability to
critically evaluate simple
No transition between
Some transition with poor
paragraphs, ideas not in
paragraph structure and
logical order. No structure
some evidence of planning
to paragraphs.
Does not follow the theme
or muddles writing with
unclear ideas.
Multiple errors
-sentence structure
-general structure
APA Style
(see APA &
Multiple errors in APA
Project demonstrates limited
awareness of subject matter
and/or limited ability to
critically evaluate simple
18.4-20 points
Project demonstrates
developing awareness of
subject matter and
emerging ability to
critically evaluate simple
Project demonstrates a
high level of awareness
of subject matter and an
average level of ability to
critically evaluate
complex issues.
Project demonstrates a high
level of awareness of
subject matter and a high
level of ability to critically
evaluate complex issues.
Transition between most
paragraphs with limited
paragraph structure.
Sequence is not logical.
Smooth transition
between paragraph with
adequate structure and
sequencing of ideas.
Well-developed paragraphs.
Sequencing enhances ideas
and meaning. Ideas focused
on central theme.
Ideas are clear. Some ideas
Few ideas address central
address the central theme.
theme. Ideas ramble and are
Central theme is linked to
difficult to identify.
the topic.
Central theme is matched
Ideas focus on the central
to the topic, most ideas
theme. All ideas are clearly
explore the central
presented and unified.
theme, clear and unified.
4-5 errors
-sentence structure
2-3 errors
-sentence structure
1 error
-sentence structure
-general structure
-general structure
-general structure
4-5 errors in APA format
2-3 errors in APA format
1 error in APA format
Virtually correct.
Virtually correct.

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