Answer & Explanation:Pricing and Globalization Strategies
Please respond to the following in one paragraph:
Discuss the best possible pricing strategy based on whether
the company you selected is a retailer, manufacturer, or service firm. Explain
your rationale.
Discuss the best possible way the company you selected could
expand its market globally.
Globalization and Sources of Equity Financing
Please respond to the following in one paragraph:
  Discuss how the
company you selected might benefit from selling new customers on e-Bay (as
opposed to building and maintaining its own Website).
  Referring to the
same company, determine the best source of equity capital available to the
company you selected. Explain your rationale.

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The recent Guerrilla marketing that has been successful is Superman’s Return twisted
telephone pole. The movie has gained much popularity through the marketing strategy used.
Even people who were not interested in the movie initially had to stop and inspect the twisted
post marketing the movie.
The uniqueness of the Guerrilla marketing has made the project successful. The marketing
strategy was in form of a surprise and ambush. The target group did not have prejudgment
about the marketing of the product the way other marketing strategies such as television
marketing are subjected to. Thus a large number of the target group was reached.
The whole project was cost-effective and required little capital for actualization. The resources
utilized in my case were a post and manpower. These are readily available and thus the
company did not have to experience excess costs that could lead to bankruptcy as the case may
be with traditional ways of marketing. The incorporation of the Guerrilla marketing strategy of
Superman’s Return movie into internet has enhanced its efficacy as the pictures of the twisted
telephone pole were spread all over the internet. This in essence expanded the reachable
market of the strategy.
The small businesses can leverage the use of cheaper means of marketing that are attractive to
the potential customers. These include ways such as use of appropriate graffiti.
Small businesses can emulate the creativity aspect of Guerrilla marketing by coming up with a
marketing strategy that has never been utilized before, for instance a bakery can use an optical
illusion of a bread.
Small businesses can leverage the use of locally available resources in the marketing of their
products. A pub, for instance, can use flashing boards to market itself at night.
Advertising and promotion
My business of choice is James’ barbershop.
Twitter can be utilized in advertisement and promotion by tweeting positive information about
the business to friends around the world about the business. This is achieved by a creating a
twitter account about the barbershop and having as many followers as possible. This will make
more potential clients to want to know more about the business thus customers will be
On facebook, promotion and advertisement of the barbershop can be realised via creation of a
facebook page about the business, inviting friends to like the page and making them aware
about the business and the commodities it offers. Photos of clients that have been attended to
and their testimonies can be displayed as well to build the confidence in the potential clients.
WhatsApp and instagram can be harnessed in promotion and promotion as well. Pictures of
the barbershop can be uploaded be distributed on these network systems thus making the
business popular.
The business can stretch its advertising budget by exploiting the existing way advertising to the
maximum. If the James is using banner for advertisement for instance, he should create a high
quality banner and use it over and over so that he does not have to incur extra expenses by
creating new banners frequently. The banner can be used in several possible ways such as
hanging on streets during daytime and then transferring to social places such as theatre
entrances at night.
Levinson, J. C. (2007). Guerrilla Marketing: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big
Profits from Your SmallBusiness. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
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