Answer & Explanation:Q: There are production facilities in Battle Creek, Cherry Creek, and Dee Creek with annual capacities of 500 units, 400 units, and 600 units, respectively. The annual demands at warehouses in Worchester, Dorchester, and Rochester are 300 units, 700 units, and 400 units, respectively. The table below gives the unit transportation costs between the production facilities and the warehouses.




Battle Creek     




Cherry Creek




Dee Creek




How much of the demand at each of the warehouses must be met by each of the production facilities?
By using Excel Solver (Excel Solver is an Add-in that does not come standard with Excel. Installing it is quick and easy with the right instructions. (I’ll provide two PDFs which will help the tutor (once the task is assigned ) to understand the question and they are  MUST to review )). 
Remember that you must show all work for this assignment and interpret your result.

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