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Reply 1 Sheryll McCollum

Transformational leaders cannot influence without authority. Transformational leadership is
about bringing about change within the organization. In order to bring about change you must be
able to influence employees to work towards new goals while also having the authority to to
make the necessary changes.
You can’t influence employees into working towards a strategy or vision that you have set if you
do not have any say so within the company (Gitomer, 2016). If you do not have the authority to
change the objectives you won’t be able to influence employees to work towards those new
Transformational leaders are concerned about lower level needs such as safety as well as high
level needs like wages and help to resolve those concerns (Bosman, n.d.). If the leader had no
authority, he would not be able to address those concerns.
Transformational leaders can use their authority to reward individuals for reaching goals in the
organization (Bosman, 2016). It would be hard to convince employees to work toward goals
without some kind of motivation or reward system in place.
Gitomer, J. (2016). Can leaders influence without authority? …Hardly. Retrieved from
Bosman, J. (n.d.). Organizational behavior. Retrieved from
Reply 2 Patrick Fitzsimmons
The first reason transformational leaders can influence without authority was already briefly
spoken on in my example about MLK. MLK influenced thousands of people through intangible
qualities and though a shared vision, values and set of ideas which people supported (Bosman,
2004, p. 6). His power came in the form of being a voice for those that did not have one. He did
not have any authority to bring about that change himself but he still was able to lead people
through the use of those intangible factors.
The next reason transformational leaders can influence without authority is for
psychological reasons. As humans we look for leaders to guide us and make us feel safe and
accepted. The people around a person (leader or not a leader) who are able to help meet the
needs outlined in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs such esteem, love,sense of belonging and safety
are going to have a positive response and thus have a strong influence on them regardless of
authority (Lipman-Blumen, 2005).
Finally, as it was discussed in a previous week there are some organizational structures
such as flat or Holarctic organizational structures which do not dictate who has direct authority.
Thus, leaders can be born from opportunity or utilizing a set of specialized skills or personal
characteristic which people admire and latch onto for the task. In this sense, a transformational
leader can shine because in these types of structure the visions and goals are already shared with
the group giving a normal follower influence because of a skill set or personal characteristics
which people in the group admire and feel can help achieve the task.
Lipman-Blumen, J. (2005, February). The allure of toxic leaders: why followers rarely escape their
clutches. Retrieved September 13, 2016, from Ivey Business Journal:

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