Answer & Explanation:Can you reply a list 100 words for this Discussion. Is for the same class you’re doing my discussions.If i were to develop a theory of personality i would collect data
from every emotional aspect a human can encounter. Whether it be in a
relaxed state of mind, under stress, depression, pure wrath. I would
obviously need controlled groups, so gather people that have been
brought up under tough circumstances, someone who just had a normal
life, and someone who’s been born into wealth. The objective would be to
determine which group of people would rate the highest in happiness. We
all view money as happiness; unfortunately in today’s world we tend to
associate joy with materialistic things, when in all actuality joy is
about the little things that we take for granted.  
For this approach i would say a Nomothetic approach would be more
valuble for this experiment.  Nomothetic research is about attempting to
establish general laws and generalizations.  The focus of the
nomothetic approach is to obtain objective knowledge through scientific
methods. Hence quantitative methods of investigation are used, to try
and produce statistically significant results. The subsequent laws that
are created can be categorized into three kinds: classifying people into
groups, establishing principles and establishing dimensions.

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