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Paper 1
Due: Sunday, June 26 by 11:59 PM
Use MLA format for the paper. Include Works Cited.
For Paper 1 students will write two essays. Treat each essay as an individual piece. Only use our
textbook and the sources I provide for quotes.
Part 1. 50 points. Select one topic for Part 1
Length: Six paragraphs
1. Three or more quotes from the text.
2. Works Cited
3. Third Person (Formal) Point of View. First and Second Person not allowed.
Consider what we know about the setting of “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte
Perkins Gilman including the rooms in the house and the area outside. How does the
setting influence the narrator’s psychological state? How does it reflect that state?
Students may also want to examine historical setting and consider how society influenced
her psychological state.
2. Horace Scudder, the editor of The Atlantic Monthly, refused to publish “The Yellow
Wallpaper” because “I could not forgive myself if I made others as miserable as I have
made myself!” Many readers, like Scudder, dislike literature that depressed them. Argue
against or defend Scudder’s idea of what literature should be and his reasons for rejecting
“The Yellow Wallpaper.”
Part 2. 50 points. Select one topic for Part 2
Length: Six paragraphs
3. Three or more quotes from the text.
4. Works Cited
5. Third Person (Formal) Point of View. First and Second Person not allowed.
1. “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates ends with
Connie leaving her home, but we don’t know what happens after she goes off with
Arnold Friend. If you were to write a sequel to the story, what would happen next?
Why does Oates choose to leave the ending ambiguous?
2. When she decides to go with Arnold Friend, Connie seems to be responding to his
suggestion that she will be saving her family. Respond to her decision and
motivation. Argue whether Connie is heroic or not.
WARNING! Do not go to the Internet for any information for any of the essays. This work
should be done from your knowledge and what you discover in the readings. We are mostly
using primary sources. Primary sources means you use the stories as your documentation.
It is very tempting and easy to go online and find what others have written about the stories. Do
not do it. Not even for a second. It is plagiarism to take someone else’s ideas. In the interest of
avoiding this issue, use “The Yellow Wallpaper” and “Where Are You Going, Where Have You
Been?” as your sources. You may also use sources I have sent to you such as the films, radio
show, newspaper articles, etc. However, students may not use sources they have found from the
I repeat do not go to the Internet to find anything. These essays should be your own ideas, words
and thoughts. As stated in the syllabus, it is an automatic zero for the class if you are caught
plagiarizing. Please remember I want to see your ideas. That’s what I care about. I’m interested
in what you have to say about the literature.
I do not expect graduate level work. I expect good papers that are carefully planned. When
students go to the Internet, it shows me a few things:
a) They may be lazy
b) They may not have confidence in themselves
c) They have waited to the last minute
None of the above ideas are flattering. Like I said, I don’t expect students to write like they are
getting a PhD in English. If you go to the Internet, the ideas sound fake to me. Please don’t even
look at the Internet. It is not worth it.
This is what I expect: clear writing; correct MLA; some original thought, using the stories and
quotes to support your ideas; organized paragraphs, and a thesis statement that is supported by
the body paragraphs. Anyone enrolled in the class can write a paper on their own. I have
confidence in your abilities.
To reiterate the instructions for our Paper # 1.
Part 1: Worth 50 points
Part 2: Worth 50 points

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