Answer & Explanation:Action Research Project
The internship( I will do my internship in an elementary school IT department I want to focuson the usage of smartboards and issues about smart boards) , action research project involves actively working for an information technology
(IT) business as an intern, part time, or full time employee. The internship position must (a) provide work
supporting the business’ IT infrastructure (software and/or hardware); (b) provide
work supporting the business customer’s IT infrastructure (software and/or
hardware); or (c) provide the intern with IT software and/or hardware training.  The action research project or training duration
must be at least eight weeks (four, two-week iterations of at least 40 hours of
activity per iteration).
Introduction Overview
The introduction,
as the minimum, is one to two pages long and should not have an APA
heading.  The introduction must include:
A brief history/background of the business and
its IT infrastructure
· Methodology
The methodology section
of the paper, as a minimum, is two to three pages long.  Essentially, this section is a mini-research
paper defining and explaining the four step, Action Research (AR) Methodology
including its application to technology research. 
The methodology
paper must include:
Five (5) professional (subject matter experts)
or scholarly references
A discussion about the history of AR and its application/uses
along with its applicability to researching technology issues
A transitional paragraph at the end of the
section describing how AR is an appropriate methodology for the research you
are doing
Refer to the assignment on Blackboard for
additional assignment criteria

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