Answer & Explanation:Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following:

Identify the most significant problems with the way foreign aid is presently
dispensed by international lending institutions. Then, discuss at least three
(3) recommendations that you would make to remedy this situation so that food,
medical, and financial assistance actually reaches the poor.respond to following statement:The lending
institutions have different methods of providing loans and aid. The most
significant problems with the way foreign aid is dispensed by international
lending institutions is that it does not focus on how to really stop corruption
and wasteful spending. This will also hurt the countries that are really in need
because of their trade policies. Another problem is the way the aid is
distributed and making sure that it’s being disbursed in the needed
I feel that
all countries that receive foreign aid must be willing to be watched  closely to
make sure that those needing the aid is getting what they need. Also the
countries that have promised to give aid to help must follow through with their
commitment unless the country that is reeving the help is not following the

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