Answer & Explanation:Among the religions we discussed this week, identify one religion that you find the most interesting. Explain your response.Explain at least three ways that social trends affect the formation of new religions and dictate new religious movements.Respond to the following statement:Judaism is interesting to me because they believe in only one God as Christians do , it is alo one of the oldest religions in the world that stillexist today. They teach doctrines such as those about God, the Messiah, and human beings. And the religion is rich in traditions, rituals and holidays.And their beliefs are centered around having only one God.3 ways social trends affect the formation of new religious are: Racial/ethnic identity is known to localized and diverse. The nature spirituality movement has no clear structures. One of the most popular practices linked to this movement is witchcraft. And finally Nature spirituality is also known as one of the strongest trends.

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