Answer & Explanation:The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provides independent advice
to Congress on the President’s budget.  It takes a long-term view of the
budget process and federal funding.  Their recommendations can be broad
and sweeping.   Listed below is their 2014 report on how to solve the
deficit with recommendations.  It is ~60 pages long. 
You are to read the report.  Your essay, and it is an essay, is to
analyze the report recommendations.  It may be for your selected agency,
or it could be the report overall.  Based on the knowledge you have
gleaned about your agency, see how CBO recommendations fit with your
Write as much as needed to demonstrate you understand the CBO ,what it is proposing and if it makes sense.
Yes, your prof has had to defend programs before them: how to score
revenues with a self-funding program (hint–you don’t score).  What does
scoring mean–how does it impact the federal budget.

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