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Tort law is a subsidiary of Civil Law. This means in its simplest
terms that they are “laws” that oversee disputes between individuals
(excluding contracts that leads to finical losses. Whereas Criminal law
oversees disputes between individuals (or groups of individuals) that
are deemed criminal actions. That distinguishing factor (criminal
action) is the biggest separator between the two. What is a Civil
dispute vice a Criminal case is determined by various decisions made in
the judiciary branch, developed by the legislative branch, or enacted
upon by the executive branch.The defense attorney is the advocate for a defendant within the
courts. They are there to ensure that their clients have the appropriate
legal counsel for their hearings. They are tasked with not only
ensuring that clients get the best representation that they can get but
that they do it within the confines of the law. Prosecutors are charged
with the task of representing their appointed jurisdiction it anything
from the federal government to the local communities. They carry out
these duties on behalf of the constituents of their jurisdiction and are
either appointed by members of the executive branch or elected by the
constituents of the jurisdiction. While acting on behalf of the
jurisdiction they ensure that they present the case of the jurisdiction
against a defendant within criminal proceedings.Mental illness is nothing new to the world. What is new is how we
treat people who suffer from in today’s society. By including these
people within our society and not cramming them into ill fit, ill
equipped, and ill prepared facilities we now have to ensure we are
prepared to facilitate them. Facilitation does include that they have a
safe place to live, work, and relax but also ensuring that people whom
are not under the protection of a caregiver are handled with care.
However, this is not always the case and for a few reasons. First,
people whom suffer from a mental illness don’t carry around a scarlet
letter upon their chest. When the police first come upon an individual
they don’t know if this person is suffering from a mental break, a
mental illness, or the effects of drugs. Secondly, the use of
de-escalation techniques is a paramount in ensuring the safe resolution
is obtained. Lastly, talking to family and friends about individual
issues cannot go without mention. Nobody is able to get help unless they
seek it out or others with a vested interest ensure they get the care
they need. Ensuring that people are being taken care of instead of
letting them suffer in public, is a surefire way to ensure the police do
not have to be involved in the first place.

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