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Types of Bias: (refer to handout for more info)
1. Bias through omission (what is left out?)
2. Bias through placement (where is the article located?)
3. Bias through photos (how does the situation or person look?)
4. Bias through names (how do they label people?)
5. Bias through statistics (how do they present the numbers?)
6. Bias through word choice (what are the connotations/implications of the
7. Bias through source (where does this come from? what do you know about the
source and its
Your Task:
1. Find a news article or editorial from an English-language news source.
2. Read it carefully. Annotate.
3. Discern the purpose of the article. (SOAPSTone)
4. Find 3 stylistic features that convey the purpose.
5. Find examples of AT LEAST 2 types of bias in the article.
6. Either print, link, or upload a scan of your article to Google Classroom
(remember you need
7. Type up your examples of stylistic features and bias. Make sure you
explain HOW this is an
example of bias, the effect(s) on the reader, and the connection to the
writer/creator’s purpose.

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