Answer & Explanation:hello a sumary of a journal has to be done.the below attachement is all you need.the following journals cannot be used: I. and  Muhammad
S. (2015). Bottom of the Pyramid Market’s Consumer Behavior with Regards to
Branded. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 56-74.

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MKT 4468 XTIA – Global Marketing
Term 1, 2016
August 15 – October 16, 2016
Group Project/Case Analysis
All students enrolled in this course will participate in 2 group assignments…Project/Case
There are two (2) cases to be analyzed by the groups in this course. Each student is assigned to a
group. Please access the “Case Study Group” link to see which group you belong to. You can
also access your group membership from the “Users and Groups link”.
Each group comprises of five (5) or six (6) members at most. I expect each group to
elect/nominate a group leader/coordinator and/or deputy/associate group leader/coordinator. The
group leader/coordinator can assign tasks and responsibilities to the group members or the group
can decide to be self-managed.
The main goal is to collaborate and achieve the main objective of the team…analyze the case
thoroughly and meet the expectations set by the instructor. The group leader/coordinator should
inform the instructor if any member of the group is not participating in the group tasks or not
completing the tasks assigned to him/her in a timely fashion. It is the responsibility of each group
to complete and submit the completed written case analysis on/before the due dates.
The Case Analysis Requirements and Expectations:
1. Read each case carefully
2. Provide thorough and substantive written answers to the questions asked at the end of the
3. Your paper should be MS-Word, 12pt font, double-spaced and APA format.
4. Each submission must have a cover page with the Name of the Group, Names of ALL
group members, Title of the case, and date of submission. (Points will be deducted if
any of this information is missing from your submission).
5. The project/case analysis is worth 10 percent of your grade
6. Upload one (1) final copy of the group written case analysis in Blackboard in the
Assignment link using the ‘Assignment Submission’ option.
7. Your group project/case analysis will be graded for spelling, grammar, and correct
Your case(s) are:
Case Study 1: Case 2-5…Coping with corruption in trading with China not Vietnam
Due date: Submit Case study 1 on/before Sunday, September 11, 2016 (11:59 PM CST).
Group Project 2:
Conduct library search for peer-reviewed scholarly journals on…The bottom of the pyramid…
Each group will retrieve and submit 5 current journals (journals published in the past 5 years –
2010-2016). Each group will submit a summary of the experience…your summary must include
the followings:
The topic
The name of the authors
The name of the publications
The year of the publication
Why did you select this particular journal
Your conclusion about the journals you selected
Due date: Submit Case study 2 on/before Sunday, October 2, 2016 (11:59 PM CST).
The group projects are located in the “Assignments” link for your access, download, and
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Dr. Akins Ogungbure

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