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CPT 322 SQL Fundamentals
Write a script that will create the below tables with the indicated relations.
Your script must build a database that contains the tables specified in the diagram. You can use any
name for your database as you like by following the rules for coding object names. You will need to
create the tables in the correct order. In your CREATE table statement you need to define primary keys,
foreign keys, foreign key constraints to enforce referential integrity, and create indexes for the columns
that need to be indexed.
Once complete, create a document in APA format that:

Explains the purpose and requirements of the database.
Describes, step-by-step, the process for creation of the complete database and explains the
reason or rationale for each step and, for each step, the options available and choices made for
Explains how critical thinking and ethical reasoning were applied in the creation of the database
The document should be at least 1000 words, not counting the title page and references. A title page,
introduction, sections for each of the objectives above, conclusion, and references page is required. At
least three credible sources should be cited in-text and in references.

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