Answer & Explanation:Need assistance with a 8-10 page paper not including reference and intro page. This is for a Biblical class so in need of someone that has Christian experience or familiar with Christianity. Instructions and Rubric attached. Thank you!


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EDCE 522
Directions: The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the various views of
vocational decision-making and the Will of God that are advocated in Christian circles today,
and to encourage you to examine your own view and how it may influence your counseling. To
complete this paper, download the article “Discerning Spiritual Discernment: Assessing Current
Approaches for Understanding God’s Will” by Dennis Horton, which is found in Blackboard.
Dividing your paper using the headings below (without Roman numerals), write an 8–10-page
APA-formatted paper (not including the abstract and reference page). Remember to bold and
center all Level 1 headings. Include at least 3 resources in addition to Horton’s article to support
your position and assertions. Your paper may be written in first-person. Save your paper in
Microsoft Word as: Your last name_first initial_position_paper (Example:
There are multiple SafeAssign submission links for this assignment: 3 are draft submission
links, which allow you to check your paper for plagiarism, and 1 is the final submission link,
which will be graded by your instructor. First, submit the paper through the link titled “Spiritual
Discernment and Vocational Counseling Paper Draft 1.” Click on that same link to ensure that
your paper has a similarity index less than 20%. If you achieve less than 20% in your first draft
submission, you may submit your paper through the final link without using the other Draft
links. However, if your similarity index is greater than 20%, you must re-work your assignment
and resubmit through the other Draft links. You may submit 3 drafts using the separate links.
Please note that each link can only be used one time. Any paper submitted through the Final
link with a similarity index greater than 20% will receive a 0 for the assignment.
Outline of the Spiritual Discernment Paper
I. Personal Position (Level 1 Heading)
• Using the survey found at the end of the article, discuss which decision-making factors
are important to you when making career decisions.
• Based on these factors, which approach to spiritual discernment, as described by Horton,
are you most likely to follow? Why?
II. Past and Present Influences (Level 1 Heading)
• What past and present factors could have influenced your approach to spiritual
discernment? Be sure to include family, spiritual heritage and religious background,
present religious beliefs, and past experiences.
III. Practical Application (Level 1 Heading)
A client comes to you for counseling. She states she is a Christian, in her third year of
undergraduate school. She states she is struggling to choose a major because, “I am afraid
that it may not be God’s will.”
• What steps will you take to help her navigate this impasse? Why?
• How might your personal position influence how you address this client’s concerns?
Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2.
EDCE 522
Personal Position Section
• Specifically identifies decision-making factors that are very
important to personal decision-making.
• Specifies personal approach to spiritual discernment, as
described by Horton, and explains why.
• Is evident student has read article
Past & Present Influences Section
• Clearly identifies past and present factors that influenced
approach to spiritual discernment.
• Clearly and thoroughly examines family, spiritual heritage
and religious background, present religious beliefs, and past
Practical Application Section
• Identifies steps and reasoning to help client navigate impasse.
• Identifies how personal position may influence how client’s
concerns are addressed.
• Margins, headings, subheadings, and references are APAformatted.
• Supports all assertions with sources.
• Citations in text and reference match and are APA-formatted.
• 8–10 pages (not including reference page, abstract)
• Includes abstract
• At least 3 references in addition to article
Grammar & Professional Writing
• Treatment of subject is well organized and developed, void of
vague generalities.
• Explains ideas completely yet succinctly
• Argument and position flows logically and freely and does not
cause the reader to stumble or pause
• Follows rules of grammar and uses a variety of sentence styles
and structures
Paper submitted by deadline. (5 points/day deducted)

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