Answer & Explanation:Please read the article on the PDF file then answer to the questions on the word file .No need to use reference .Your answers should be no more than 10 linesYour answers should be on the word file under the questions


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Answer these carefully and thoughtfully once you have thoroughly read the case and
pondered it. Make an emphasis on trying to articulate what was said in the case (you do not
have to quote it word for word but you do need to demonstrate you know the facts of the
case). I would also like it you could apply other relevant information you have learned
(maybe a newspaper article or report, etc.) to your analysis. There is no word requirement.
Just be thorough. Proofread what you write before you submit it, please.
Q1—Describe the extent to which you feel the leadership at the university was
aware (or not) the extent to which people were discussing the case in social
media. Describe why they seemed to not really know what people were saying
on social media. Identify what they could have done so they would have been
more informed about social media conversations. Take a look a company you
now work for or might want to work for and tell me if they might be more
aware of social media conversations than the university was.
For the company I want to work for choose Apple
Q2—The case points out how Twitter became the real-time source of news for
many people during this crisis. Describe the extent to which you are using social
media as your first source for news when a crisis hits and you want the latest
information. Also, tell me, in order, the 3 media channels you rely on most to
that is really important to you when something like a crisis occurs that affects
your life. This could include old media (TV news, printed newspapers) or new
media. Be specific and explain why you choose the media you use.
Go for CNN, BBC and Fox News
Q3—The case points out that many people were especially outraged that the
university did not seem to operate with transparency during this crisis. Use the
readings and other information you find to describe what transparency means.
Then discuss if you feel companies and organizations have a need to be
transparent with consumers today. Finally, describe and discuss how the use of
social media is affecting transparency.

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