Answer & Explanation:Please respond to this post and add to it in 5 sentences or more.Hello classThe Ebola outbreak was a shock to our country and to the world. The crisis introduced panic and despair throughout the U.S. and Africa. Although I hadn’t been directly impacted, my initial reaction to the outbreak was worry. Worry for my children and Family caused me to quickly inventory where everyone was at the time and ensure no one was in Cleveland or Dallas. Daily cautions followed for a few weeks introducing additional hand washing and doing our best to isolate ourselves from the public.  According to the CNN timeline article critics say reaction time to the epidemic was slow, or efforts to fight it were too scattered. From a remote village in Guinea, the infection wiped out entire families and created thousands of orphans. With the lack of urgency and planning on the CDC’s behalf I have little confidence in our public health policies based on this situation. Unfortunately my perception can’t change unless another incident occurs.  REFERENCE:

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