Answer & Explanation:The final phase of your course project is due this week. It includes the final portion of your risk management project on risk capital at bank, as well as the FINAL project submission.Risk Capital at a BankWrite the last section of your risk management plan by addressing the following:Discuss the importance of risk capital to the banking industry, in particular, Wells Fargo Bank, Citigroup, or Bank of America.Describe the steps taken by the bank to ensure it remains solvent.Describe the bank’s process for evaluating RAROC.Be sure to include a concluding paragraph.This project assignment should not be a separate submission. Instead, combine this with your other project submissions for your FINAL paper.Risk Capital at a Bank: RequirementsReview the APA Citation Online Guide for assistance with citing sources using APA format.Because this is part of the final project, this section of the paper does not need an introduction.Because your paper is required to be more than one page in length, you should use subject headings to label your paper as appropriate.Keep in mind that this is a research paper. As such, it should be informed by your research articles.Be sure to include APA citations to support your assertions and to inform your paper.References for this part of the project can be combined with your final submission.FINAL SubmissionYour FINAL risk management plan must be 12-15 pages, and include all your project submissions from the course, combined into one coherent document.The body of your plan should be divided into at least 6 subject headings corresponding to your assignments in Modules 1 – 6.Your plan should have a conclusion that summarizes the main points and leaves the reader with a final thought.Your plan should be supported by research from at least 15 different sources. Include both in text citations and a references page in APA format.Be sure to proofread your paper to ensure that is free from all grammar and spelling errors.

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